Gerard Cosmetics Enchante Lipstick – Swatch & Review

I don’t know why but I was saving Enchante from Gerard Cosmetics until the spring, I received this at the Beauty Bay event I went to last year and I don’t think I even opened it until late December.


The bullets from Gerard Cosmetics are a dead ringer in size and shape to MAC’s iconic bullets. Whilst the Gold is quite showy – which might not be to everyone’s taste, but is fairly unique – I think it would have been nice to have not used such an iconic shape. The Gerard Cosmetics packing feels heavier compared to a MAC lipstick, and you get 4g of product vs MAC’s a 3g, which surprises me as I thought it would be identical.


I’d remembered Enchante as being a lot lighter and more lilac toned, but it’s a gorgeous wearable plum rose (not like plumrose from Milani, way more purple!). Enchante was create with the bloggers at Dupe That – not a blog I was familiar with, but they try and find similar shades – so in theory you would have thought that they would be attempting to create a unique colour that they wouldn’t be able to dupe, I know certainly within my collection that this is the case. One of the things I’ve really loved about wearing this shade is that it really seems to adapt how it looks depending on what colours you’re wearing. Swatched on the hands this looks quite bright, but it’s very wearable –  I have two jumpers which are berry toned, and this looks way more pink compared to when I wear it with more greys or neutrals.



The formulation of this is absolutely lovely, it’s such a comfortable lipstick to wear. Creamy and highlighly pigmented, it reminds me of an even more creamy formula than MAC’s Creamsheens. It glides on the lips with ease and has an almost balmy texture. As you’d expect with such a creamy formula, the wear time isn’t the longest, however for such a creamy formula I find that it’s been lasting me from when I apply my makeup in the morning before work – and by lunch time it’s worn away.



These lipsticks are cruelty free & priced at £11.50 which compared to a MAC lipstick at £15.50 and you get 25% more product here makes them really good value. Available exclusively from the Beauty Bay website clicking here in the UK & also via their own website.

Have you tried Gerard Cosmetics?

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38 thoughts on “Gerard Cosmetics Enchante Lipstick – Swatch & Review

  1. I’ve never even heard of them! I do really like the colour though. I tend to stick with a classic red or a darker colour, so it might be nice to branch out and try something a bit different!

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    1. 2016 was the year of me wearing colours I’d never have worn before, I’d have looked at this and thought this won’t suit me! Sometimes I find some cheaper brands of colours just to test what shades do and don’t suit me and ones I fall in love with I then treat myself to something more expensive with a better formula!


    1. Yeah I think it would have either looked like it was trying to copy YSL if they’d gone square or cylindrical, and now looks like a LE MAC lipstick, probably a poor choice of colour for the packaging and a poor choice of shape! The colour and formula are top notch though so I’m sold on getting more!


  2. This colour looks fabulous on you! There’s something about this shade that makes it wearable – initially I was thinking “PURPLE LIPSTICK, NO WAY” but seeing it applied on you, it doesn’t look cartoon-y. The formula sounds great too.
    Out of curiosity, does it state anywhere on the packaging where this is made?


    1. I know, when I picked it I thought I won’t wear this that much – but it’s such a wearable shade! It’s a gorgeous formula, very comfortable – reminds me of a MAC creamsheen but with better lasting power.
      It didn’t have a box with it, and I can’t see anything on the bottom label, I did see that some of their products are made in the US when I was trying to put it into the review, but I can’t confirm that’s where the lipsticks are made :/


    1. I’ll admit that I probably wouldn’t have tried Gerard Cosmetics if I hadn’t have been gifted some items at an event, I met Jen the owner and she was lovely and helpful to me, so I couldn’t hold anything against her after that and I’m glad I did because the bits I’ve tried so far have been great!


  3. Gerard has been in the middle of some scandals in the beauty world over the last couple years. Jaclyn Hill created a lipstick with them (Buttercup), but then a year or so ago she cut all ties with them for some reason. That’s between her and then though. Then I think it was last year, Jen Gerard (creator of the brand) got caught on Snapchat calling someone who gave Gerard a bad review “ugly” and laughing about it. To me they seem kind of shady (not as shady as Lime Crime though). But to each their own.

    Oh and I follow Dupe That on Instagram. They find some pretty amazing dupes for lots of lip & eye products.

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    1. Yes, i’m aware of the controversy around the brand and I had no plans I’ll admit of trying things from them. However I met Jen at an event in October and she was nothing but kind and helpful to me directly so I can’t hold any personal grudges, when I had nothing but the nicest experience chatting makeup with her and getting help of what shades I should try. xx

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  4. I definitely remember Enchante being a lot lighter and more lilac-toned, so when I saw these pictures, I couldn’t help but think they had changed the color or something since I bought it — but nope, I just checked my blog post where I talked about it and it’s definitely the same color. I think that’s a sign I need to dig this one up and actually wear it! xx

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    1. I think it looks totally different in the bullet to how it does on the lips! I remember us talking about GC and the controversy and I was trying to rack my brain when I was talking to Jen what shades you had! Coincidence I did pick one of the shades you had, it is lovely and I really like the formula! Xx


  5. I LOVE THIS LIPSTICK SO MUCH! The colour is just perfect and is so versatile for a day at work to a night on the town and cheaper than a MAC. I agree with you on the durability but I enjoy applying my lipstick throughout the day, makes me feel like a lady. Is that weird?
    Sherry x


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