Rainbow Connection – Indie Nail Polish Haul

After seeing Stashy’s huge nail polish haul from January (and a load of glorious indie brands in it) I decided to start seeking out what the options were for indie polishes in the UK, it’s something I’ve wanted to get more into. I’ve spent a lot of time adding polishes to my basket on US indie sites before before getting to the checkout and nearly choking at the 30 dollar plus shipping (you need to make quite the significant sized order to do that!). I stumbled across Rainbow Connection – a UK based store with a decent selection of indie brands and I couldn’t be happier!

I placed an order on the 30th January although it did take a while to come as the shop was marked as being closed until the 6th February. I could have spent ages picking out lots of different colours and now have a giant wishlist saved, but I decided to start with just a few brands to try for now – see which brands and formulas I like before going absolutely crazy across them all!

F.U.N Lacquer – Daydream (£10.50)


This was first thing that I knew I was going to get. Most of the collection on Rainbow Connection was glitters, duo/multichromes and holos (my personal favourites). I wanted to expand my collection to different colours in those areas – as I have about 8 silver holos (easiest to find!) but not a vast selection of other colours. This is a gorgeous rose pink with silver holo and flaky holo. I’m all over this, perfect shade for spring.

F.U.N Lacquer – Blessing (£10.50)


I actually had to go back onto the site and re-order this as I completely forgot the day I went to ‘complete my final list and place my order’ as soon as I completed payment I was like shit and went back and repaid! A gorgeous purple/teal & blue multichrome (my wedding colours!). This is one of those colours which will come to life in swatches!

F.U.N Lacquer – How Deep is Your Holo? (£10.50)


I’m a big fan of the Simply Nailogical channel and have been since she was at about 10,000 subs – it’s crazy how quick her channel grew in such a short space of time! I really liked the look of this one from her collaboration with F.U.N Lacquer. A gorgeous bright colbalt blue with blue glitter (I opted for the non-holo version as I preferred it on this shade).

Femme Fatale – Clever Girl (£9.50)


This was another shade I ended up going back for a second time around. This is a thermal changing polish with a Coral Pinky Red/Nude Shift and packed with gorgeous gold flaky glitter. In love with this I think I’m going to wear this a lot!

Nine Zero – Kaleidoscope (£9.50)


This is a topcoat polish which has semi-sheer multi coloured confetti that looked stunning & fun over the white polishes it was swatched over online. I’ve seen quite a few polishes like this but not where the glitter chunks are semi-sheer, which means you get a real layered effect. See swatch at end for the effect.

Glam Polish – Oh Whale! (£8.33)


The Glam Polish line was being discontinued from Rainbow Connection so I decided to get one to try. A gorgeous light icy blue with scattered holo and small darker blue glitter. This looks really interesting and again I thought this would be a really pretty addition coming into Spring.

Mystery Bag – 3 Polishes (£21)

rainbow-connection-indie-polish-haul-uk-8 rainbow-connection-indie-polish-haul-uk-7 rainbow-connection-indie-polish-haul-uk-11

Rainbow Connection do these 3 or 5 mystery polish grab bags, you can make a note what colours you prefer but they turn up as a mystery. I put in Pinks/Purples/Blues were preffered, the shades I received were: Smitten Polish Hug Me a mid pink that’s so frosty it starts to verge into microglitter territory, not normally a finish I opt for so I’m interested to try this (£7.20). Battle Royale from Indie Lacquers – a bright indigo blue with Silver, Pink and Light blue chunky hexagonal glitter (£8.10). And Finally Dionysus from Too Fancy Lacquer (£8.55), a gorgeous bright plum with flaky teal glitter and gold shimmer. Total of the three polishes should have been £23.55 and all of them came from the discontinued brands section – not a massive saving but I’m happy with the shade selection.

LL Rowe Chasing a Unicorn


Lastly, this didn’t come from Rainbow Connection, I bought it some time ago last year but never hauled it, or reviewed it yet so thought it was worth featuring here. I was looking for a white holo for my wedding day as a potential polish, I didn’t realise this came as a two part polish with a white base and a holo topcoat, swatches online of this are stunning but sadly it doesn’t work in real life, the holo topcoat just looks like a dirty grey unless under a really intense led light, so still looking for a white holo – why have none of the holo gods made this happen?


Left to right: LL Rowe Chasing A Unicorn, Smitten Polish Hug Me, Fancy Lacquer Dionysus, Indie Polish Battle Royal, Femme Fatale Clever Girl, Nine Zero Kaledescope, Glam Polish Oh Whale, F.U.N. Lacquer Blessing,  F.U.N. Lacquer Daydream, F.U.N. Lacquer How Deep Is Your Holo?

If you’re an indie brand fan, please let me know some favourite shades/brands and places to shop!

Which are your favourite shades from the selection above?


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11 thoughts on “Rainbow Connection – Indie Nail Polish Haul

  1. Sure sure, blame me! I’m innocent! 😇
    F.U.N Lacquer in Blessing looks amazing! Glad you went back for that one.
    Nine Zero Kaleidoscope would be so fun over various bases.
    Re: white holo, I guess it’s one of those colours that people just translates into silver or grey. Maybe you just need a clear holo topper over white base? I picked up Cirque polish in We Trippy which is a clear holo topper.
    Indie polishes can get so spendy – I love looking at them but limit my exposure to them! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The FUN Lacquers you chose look so gorgeous (also blue/teal and purple were your wedding colors?!? I love it!).

    My favorite indie maker is Cadillacquer, Madeleine makes some really unique colors and weird combinations that you would not think look good, but somehow they all do! I usually buy mine from Color4Nails because they have a great US shipping deal (and I follow some bloggers with discount codes :P) but it could get pricey having them shipped to the UK :\

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m not very clued up when it comes to nail polish (having had hypnotherapy to help grow mine after 14 years of biting) but this is a revelation to me! I love the spotty look at the last picture and will be taking this with me as nail inspo next time I treat myself to having them done 🙂
    Sherry x


    1. I used nail polish as my cure to stop be biting my nails aged 16, that then turned into an obsession with polish and now I have 300 bottles of the stuff ha! Yes as you said it’s like Jazzies, I haven’t worn that one yet as I’ve got gel on currently but you’ve made me want to wear it as my next one!


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