Base to Full Face Week – bareMinerals The Good Life Eyeshadow Palette + Giveaway

One of the stars of my makeup discoveries last year was the bareMinerals The Soundtrack Quad, when I found some palettes of duos and quads discounted in TK Maxx (as well as being un-swatched), I claimed them as my own and cradled them like Smeagol protecting his ring until I got to the checkout.

‘The Good Life’ is a gorgeous mix of every day shades that I could see myself getting use from when I wanted something simple and quick to wear. I snagged this in TK for £6.99, reduced from £29, and man am I glad that I didn’t spend the full amount of it. My Soundtrack palette is worth every penny of £29 for just 4 shadows, The Good Life couldn’t have disappointed me more.


Swatched on my arm, the shades apply absolutely fine. I’m first to admit this is not the most creative mix of colours, and I’ve definitely been more excited by other palettes. However when buying I thought due to it’s small size it might be a good palette to travel alongside others which maybe are more bright/have a lack of mattes – or if I just fancied a softer look. A mix of shimmer and satin finishes


Opulence – Shimmery pale champagne
North – Shimmery pearl
Priceless – A heathery taupe
Blackout – A smoked out black

Where it fails for me is when you actually come to apply this to the eye. The pigmentation is terrible with Opulence and North in particular, it doesn’t matter what primer, what brush or what method you use to apply these both have an inability to build up pigment. Opulence appears on the lid as a very, VERY sheer champagne shade – and North looks almost identical showing no hint of it’s pretty pale pink hue.

Priceless has decent pigmentation, but it applies quite patchily, it’s slightly too dark and muddy for me to be applied into the crease, however it is quite nice as a soft outer crease colour or under the lashes, it’s just a shade that’s hard work to get it layered so it looks nice. The problem is similar with Blackout, it’s not a true deep black so easier to work with and it reminds me of a crap (and more satin) version of Urban Decay’s Perversion as again it fails to layer and build up nicely.

Priceless and Blackout seem to last okay on the lid, whilst are nothing staggering, whilst Opulence and North wear away quickly. I’ve tried as far as applying these shades on my finger (which I hate doing, and would never choose to do on a day to day basis) and they still struggle to build any decent pigmentation on the lid.

Priceless through crease / Opulence Over Lid / Blackout Outer Corner
Priceless through crease / Opulence Over Lid / Blackout Outer Corner
Priceless through crease / Opulence Over Lid / Blackout Outer Corner


Save your cash with this one, even at £6.99 I think this is expensive as I doubt I’ll ever find myself reaching for this again. The two light shades are basically useless and almost identical, and the bottom 2 are not too bad, but too hard to work with to be worth the effort. It goes to show, even within the same brand, not all shadows are created equal, I can’t believe the difference between these two bareMinerals quads, what a let down.



To celebrate the week I’ll be giving away the spare Grandee Lip Kit I hauled a few weeks and the gorgeous eye and highlighter Makeup Revolution Palette too. There are 2 Ways to enter:

1. Follow Me on Twitter & retweet the competition tweet (linked here!)


2. Be following my blog either via wordpress/email or bloglovin & comment on any of the posts in this series including this one (unless you tell me you’re not entering I’ll presume that you are!). Comments on each post are counted as multiple entries so come back all week to increase your chances of winning!

Entries close 11.59pm on the 20th February.
Open Internationally.
I’ll be announcing the winner week commencing Monday 20th February 2017!

Have you tried bareMinerals shadows before?


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49 thoughts on “Base to Full Face Week – bareMinerals The Good Life Eyeshadow Palette + Giveaway

  1. Firstly, you look amazing in that last photo 🙂 Secondly, really sad that they don’t last very long 😦 I got so excited at the start of this blog seeing that you have picked them up so cheaply but having read this, now I can save myself the trip to TK Maxx and £7. Great honest review as always 🙂
    Sherry x

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  2. I like the colours in the quad but if they don’t perform well on eyes it is probably the reason they got discontinued. Although I would say that it is not unsual for light shades to perform lesa than darker shades, you would still expect better from higher end brand. On the other hand, you were lucky to find a piece of make-up in TK Maxx that does not look yucky. I have not had such luck yet (at least not with what I wanted).

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    1. I’d say 9 out of 10 times I find something in TK Maxx that looks great and then find it has a big grimey swatch taken out of it! I was lucky with this find, I think they’d just restocked the beauty area as it was all tidy!
      This hasn’t actually been discontinued, I saw it on a BareMinerals counter the other week!
      Totally agree on light shades not always being as pigmented witch cheaper brands but I have other BM shadows and other brands such as Urban Decay/Makeup Geek etc all do well on the pigmentation front, considering these work out as £7.25 a shade at full price they’re not good enough!


    1. Yes really glad I didn’t pay full price, to be honest at full price they probably wouldn’t have been shades I would have splurged for, but even at £7 it makes it drugstore price and there’s better from the drugstore. Bit of a flop which is a shame as the other Bm quad I have, I can’t talk about highly enough, seem to be too much of a mix in quality! xx

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      1. That’s true, but yeah that is a disappointment! And it can be confusing as the lack of consistency questions whether you can trust them to deliver products you will want to repurchase! xx


  3. that’s the most kind of quad I wouldn’t pick up normally but such a shame it doesn’t work well! Kudos for finding something unswatched in TK Max though, that’s worth a pat on the back as they’re normally all destroyed! xxx

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    1. hat’s the most kind of quad I would pick up normally but such a shame it doesn’t work well! Kudos for finding something unswatched in TK Max though, that’s worth a pat on the back as they’re normally all destroyed! xxx


  4. That’s the kind of quad I would pick up normally but such a shame it doesn’t work well! Kudos for finding something unswatched in TK Max though, that’s worth a pat on the back as they’re normally all destroyed! xxx


  5. Oh how disappointing they’re not as good applied to the eyes. I’ve experienced that before with some eye shadows – it’s such an odd phenomenon. The colours look basic but sometimes those are some of the most useful quads. I know you like bareMineral eye shadows so I guess not all of them are created equal!

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      1. I’m working on a review of the bareMineals palette I have – it should restore your faith in their eye shadows! 😉 This one might be an outlier… might be why it was at TK Maxx.

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  6. It’s a shame they don’t work well on the lids because they looked good swatched!! I think the problem with the paler shades is a quite a common one isn’t it 😦 xx

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  7. Such a shame to hear these weren’t as good as the others, I always feel like a brand should be consistent so customers know the quality, but you would also think they go through quality control before they get sold? Hmmm.. ill remember to be vigilant if I stop by to check out the quads in order to make sure I don’t get a bad one!

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  8. That black scares me, lol. Finding something unswatched at tkmaxx is great but not easy, well done. Shame it’s not very good though. I love tkmaxx for. Bargain. I picked up a China glaze nail varnish the other day….think I will do it tonight. I’ve never tried China glaze as I’m normally a nails inc girl x


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