The Body Shop Soothing Aloe Day Cream Review

I hinted to Ben in November that I’d like a Body Shop Advent Calendar (knowing full well he wouldn’t get be one, as #WeddingBudgetLife), what he did do is make his own calendar for me and included a few Body Shop items within the calendar alongside all my fave chocolates, so it was even better than regular beauty calendars, it had the best of both worlds.

The first item that was in it was The Body Shop Soothing Aloe Day Cream, and it’s been one I’ve had on almost daily use since. This is a tiny travel sized tub which would have been a great item to maybe keep for my honeymoon travels, but it’s too late now as it’s almost empty and done!


This is a cream, it has a slight almost gel-cream finish but it definitely leans more towards being a traditional cream formula. It feels nice and cooling on the skin once applied, but for my oily skin this is too heavy for me to use under makeup, however it’s place on my bedside table has consistent over the past month or so. Only pick up a small amount using one finger which I dab small amounts it around my face before rubbing it in, a little goes a long way with this. It takes a good five minutes for me to feel like it’s fully settled into my skin.


It does help keep my skin plumped up and hydrated. When I looked this up it is described as being for dry and sensitive skin, which makes complete sense to me. It isn’t completely scentless with a fresh aloe scent, however I don’t think it would be an irritant to sensitive skin’s sine the scent is natural and not added parfum. I think if you have drier skin this would be a really refreshing day cream for you to use under-makeup, it’s soothing claims is.


What are your favourite face creams?


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