Tweexy Nail Polish Holder Review

Ben is a regular browser of Firebox and once showed me a product which he said “would this be useful?” to which I said “I think it could be”. This was sometime in the summer and was totally surprised to find myself unwrapping it on Christmas Day. I made a joke when I opened it and put it on, “Oh, he put a ring on it again!”! 


Tweexy is a nail polish holder ring, that slips onto your fingers as an easier way to keep your polish close whilst painting. You can find countless rip offs of it on eBay, but this ‘official’ bit of rubber is £14.99 (which comes in 4 different colours, in case you needed a colour choice for this kind of thing!). Crikey. Ben picked out the blue one for me.



The ring is quite thick and sturdy, which feels a little clumsy on the hand, but equally it does want to be sturdy as the last thing you’re going to want is it not being strong enough to hold. what you’re putting in it. The top is pieces of rubber which fold in on itself when you push the bottle into it. On the surface everything seemed fine with my circular  same size up and down bottle. Which then left me thinking whether it would work well with all shaped bottles. I tested OPI/China Glaze Bottles which are fatter/thinner at the top then they are at the bottom, square bottles & every unusual shaped bottle that I could find in my collection. Not one of them slipped or fell out, even holding them completely upside down, they held in place.




I think the Tweexy’s usefulness depends a lot on where you paint your nails, if you sit at a table like a sensible person and do your nails then there is totally no point in this what so ever, you have a steady surface to work on. If you’re having a lazy day/do your nails on the sofa or on a bed (no where near a table) then this is where it comes in handy. You have somewhere that holds your polish without having it delicately balanced on your chair arm or between your knees and there’s way less of a risk of dropping it.

It’s a little bit clumsy in that you have to take the ring off and move it to the next hand every time you change hands, and given it’s quite chunky, it makes the process quite interesting trying to maneuver it with wet nails.


Does it work? Yes. Does it Serve a Purpose? Yes. Is it worth spending £14.99 on? No. I’d recommend if you’re interested in this trying the 99p ones out on eBay unless it’s something that you’re going to use every-time you use your nails as this does feel like a quality product.

Have you got any weird or useless beauty gadgets in your collection?


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21 thoughts on “Tweexy Nail Polish Holder Review

  1. I kinda like the idea. However I don’t always paint my nails on a flat surface or always keep my hands straight so I can see this tipping everywhere haha
    Kathy x

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  2. I would totally flip my hand over without thinking and spill polish everywhere! 😀

    Sweet gift from Ben, and it’s a cool product, nevertheless. I love that it fit all your funky-shaped bottles. (I just got a Smith & Cult which comes in a massive, round bottle. Curious if that one would fit!)

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  3. This is one of those products that I really want to try, use twice but then it sits in the cupboard unused. Is it bad I still want to get one? Lol. I am definitely one of those non sensible people who does their nails not at a table even when I do gel manis but I think I’d make more mess when taking it off to change hands than I would not having it at all!

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  4. Hey there!
    Here’s my recommendation for beauty products to try out.
    If you walk into Sephora, try the Korean stuff.

    The following are the beauty stores,
    Visit Sasa, they sell a crap tonne load of Asian stuff, Peripera, Chosungah, Cyber Colours (these aren’t brand recommendations, just what I remember off the top of my head). With Sasa it’s very hit or miss, here in Malaysia we have testers, try them on the back of your hands, not on the face. You would get a good idea of what you think of the product… GO NUTS!!! Don’t buy anything you can find in the UK, unless you’re buying them at a great price.
    Visit Shins (another beauty store) just for the fuck of it!

    We have two big drugstores here. Watsons and Guardian. If you’re lucky they’d be some sales girl more than willing to help (YES, because you’re a white foreigner!).
    Get a CHULIP! Its an egg shaped lipbalm that even Stashy likes. They come in tinted ones too!
    Try stuff from the brand IN2IT, they have some amazing lipsticks, brow products and eye liners.
    Silkygirl has some of my holygrail products, their lipliners are amazing, try the Expert Brow Slim Liner, you could try their liquid lipstick (matte junkie) if you want to (i didn’t like the one I picked up but the nude shades seems promising), try the matte liquid eyeliner. GO nuts!
    You could also give the brand ZA a try (I have yet to try anything from them).
    Our Revlon, Maybelline and L’oreal perhaps carries different product than yours do so you could check them out too.
    There are some Asian brands with outlets depending on where you plan to go to do your makeup shopping. Try to stick to the official brand outlets and the outlets (beauty stores) I mentioned. Every shopping mall has a patron outlet which carries all the high end beauty products like Chanel and Dior under their umbrella. For example MidValley Megamall houses Aeon and Aeon in the mall houses these beauty products.

    Hope this helps! Happy Shopping! I’ll be looking forward to seeing that haul!!!


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