No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara Review

No7 is a brand which I’ve never had a great relationship with. There’s something about this has always felt ‘old’ to me and I’ve always thought that it’s a bit overpriced for the quality that you get. Even with the £3 &  £5 off vouchers I’ve rarely been tempted to try anything. When the Exceptional Definition Mascara came in a Look Incredible Box last year, I was ready to bite my tongue and re-evaluate the brand.


I’ll start by saying, I realy like the packing of this mascara. All the No7 Mascaras (as far as I’m aware) are in the same shaped/size tube and are just different colours and I think for the most part they’re in a chromey style finished packaging. I particularly like this deep teal colour that the Exceptional Definitions mascara sports and it stands out from the usual blacks that tend to feature on most of the packages.

The formula is descibed as being rich in nutrients (Cashmere Kerati, Vitamins & Hydrolyzed soy protein)to help condition the lashes. Boots describe the wand as being 3-in-1 due to it’s unusual shape and changes in bristle density. The three different areas are designed to separate, add volume whist the top of the brush is designed to reach those ‘hard to reach areas’. Personally I find the wands end way to chunky to debate using it in a controlled manner to get into those inner corners.



The mascara formula I’ve felt right from the get go is quite dry, I feel like there’s loads of product on the brush but it just doesn’t come off the wand and onto my lashes. No matter what way I’ve angled my hand or tried to use the different parts of the brush I just feel like it’s not coating my lashes as well as it should be doing. For me this mascara is okay, but there’s nothing exceptional about it. It adds a bit of volume and if anything I think rather than defining it has a tendancy to clump the lashes together slightly. The mascara is a nice level of black, although it’s not the blackest of the bunch and in terms of it’s lasting power it’s not the best either, it seems to have an ability to slowly disappear throughout the day. It doesn’t seem to flake or smudge, but the lashes get softer throughout the day and it’s definitely not looking it’s best at the end of the day.


Close ups of the product


no7-exceptional-lengths-mascara-review-2 no7-exceptional-lengths-mascara-review-3


Overall I think this hasn’t changed my thoughts on No7 at all, priced at £11.50 I expect more from a mascara that’s right at the top of the high street price range. I can definitely think of mascaras that I’ve tried and are cheaper, and that comes from someone who is a high end mascara lover at heart. I’ve been doing my best to try and use this up, but I think it may have had it’s time with me (I’ve had these pictures taken since November, and haven’t gotten around to featuring it yet!) and it’ll be in this months empties more than likely.

Do you love No7, or are you like me?


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25 thoughts on “No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara Review

  1. I’ve only had a few No 7 products (they used to be sold here) and they were decent. Nothing outstanding. I really don’t know what they’re known for or who they’re targeting… I think middle aged moms?


    1. I think they target people who wear makeup but are not necessarily passionate about it. All their skincare is targeting getting back a youthful appearance so I’d say the 35-50 bracket is probably right. I’ve pulled a few items I do have from my stash recently like eyeshadows and some are quite pretty but they just don’t seem to wear well, thinking about having a proper declutter and I think they may leave if so


  2. I’ve tried No7 but nothings ever really excited or wowed me. I’ve tried foundations, concealers and mascara but for me, it’s really iver priced for low quality makeup and skincare x


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