Guerlain Nuit Merveilleuse – Swatch & Review

If you saw my haul on Tuesday then you would have seen that I managed to score an absolute beauty in the sale at my local department store. I don’t visit it often enough – but being in a small town they have some gorgeous high end counters that aren’t even in my local city and it wasn’t until my visit just after Christmas that I realised they had a Guerlain counter. I managed to snag 2 polishes in the sale that were reduced from £19 down to £9.50.

Nuit Merveilluse was from their Christmas 2015 Collection so I couldn’t quite believe my luck to find it when I researched it afterwards. There were a lot of polishes in the sale from Guerlain, but most of them were frosty pink shades (which I always associate as ‘Granny’ shades thanks to my Nan!) and this one stood out as something special amongst the bunch. The Guerlain polishes come boxed which always makes me make me think that they’re extra fancy!



The Christmas 2015 collection came in pearly white packaging rather than Guerlain’s usual black topped polishes. I’m not entirely sure whether the whole line has been discontinued in this old packaging as I know they launched a range of polishes shaped like their iconic perfume bottles in the middle of last year. The square bevelled caps reveal a smaller round cap – personally I preferred holding the shape of cap, it feels comfortable in my hand.



This is my first Guerlain polish and I really loved the brush shape – it’s quite wide with a rounded off edge that makes covering the nail quick and easy. Nuit Merveilluse is a gorgeous bright violet purple, which shifts to blue in some lights. There’s subtle hints of blue, purple and even red shimmer. It’s a stunning shade which I’ve fallen madly for. It took 2 coats to be fully opaque, although it was almost there with just one. The finish of the polish was quite nice, however I finished with a slick of a Leighton Denny topcoat I’m currently trying.




As soon as I applied this on my nails I thought, this would look even more magical with a holo topcoat, and it did look pretty awesome with just a topper of China Glaze’s Fairy Dust (the only polish I’ve ever repurchased!)



This polish is absolutely gorgeous, and I can see it being something that I get a lot of wear out of coming into Spring and Summer.

Have you tried Guerlain polishes before?


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23 thoughts on “Guerlain Nuit Merveilleuse – Swatch & Review

  1. So pretty! I’d read that this polish was sheer but it doesn’t look it. Love the addition of the holo top coat. I have a few Guerlain polishes – they’re some of my favourite formulas. Their brush is quite similar to that of Dior’s.


    1. It’s not sheer in the slightest. Mine was really close to not even having a second coat!
      I want to get one of the new formula Guerlain ones, have you got one of those yet?
      I don’t have too many of the high end brands in polishes – I think the only other one is Lancome actually. Job for this year, try more high end ones!


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