Laura Gellar Creme Sheers Lipstick in Rich Pomegranate – Swatch & Review

I received this Laura Gellar lipstick in my Look Incredible box in December, Sadly mine arrived battered and bruised and I was awaiting a new one. I was hoping I would get exactly the same shade sent – as you never know with beauty boxes what will happen when they replace an item like this, as I absolutely loved the look of it. Luckily the same glorious shade arrived and it’s been a real go-to since the beginning of January.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone talk about Laura Geller lip products, and I’ve have another lipstick which still remains untried in my collection. I was particularly interested in trying this one out as it was a pegged as it’s from their ‘Sheer Lipstick’ collection. The shade Rich Pomegranate really appealed to me, it’s a gorgeous raspberry (or I suppose Pomegranate) that’s not too pink, not too red that makes it kind of wearable for every makeup look – and it pretty much goes with just about every lip colour too.


I over did the bold lips over Christmas wearing practically bright reds and bold matte lips and I’ve absolutely dried out my lips and not been applying enough balm. This has proved great product to aid my lip recovery, it’s super balmy and makes for a really comfortable wear – but packs enough pigment on for it not to be a boring option. Laura Geller describe it as a lip balm. but I think that’s a bit underselling what it is, it has more pigment that just a wash of colour than what you’d normally get with a balm colour product.

laura-gellar-rich-pomegranate-sheer-lipstick laura-gellar-rich-pomegranate-sheer-lipstick-swatch


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