Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette Review

Jeffree Star’s Beauty Killer Palette has sat in my drawer for longer than it should have, I think him giving me his palette in person is probably one of the most surreal moments in my blogging life so far – and probably will be for a while. I kept saving it for a special occasion to try it out. I finally decided to just pull it out and start playing with it!


First impressions on this are on the packing – the outer cardboard (the bright pink) feels completely different to the actual palette packaging, personally I think I prefer the outer packaging to the inner. The packing of the palette itself is a laminated cardboard so is nice and light, which makes it easy to keep clean. There’s a loose magnetic closure and inside the palette has a mirror inside the lid – it’s quite long and wide palette so might not be the best for trying to squeeze in your makeup bag – but the the fact it’s comes with a mirror and is light doesn’t make it the worst palette either.

The palette features 10 shades and is a mixture of mattes and shimmers. The price of this palette is priced at £40 (from Beauty Bay). The pan sizes of these are huge – and are double the size of a MAC pan in weight, MAC pans are £10 for 1.5g, this equates to £4 per 3 gram pan. The palette is vegan and cruelty free also. The finish of the pans with the debossed Jeffree Star logo is a nice touch and it feels like a well thought out and finished palette.


On first impressions the palette could fool you for being quite bright and scary. But if you take away the neon pink, blue and purple shades it’s actually a pretty neutral palette. I think that’s why I was saving it and saving it, thinking I needed an appropriate time to wear coloured shadows – but that’s not the case at all.




Star Power – Bright Neon Pink Matte

Princess – Frosty Lilac Pink Shimmer

Violence – Shimmery Purple Cranberry

Rich Bitch – Yellow Gold Shimmer

Courtney – Matte Peachy Brown


Expensive – Teal Shimmer with fine teal glitter

Confession – Copper Red Shimmer

Vanity – Dark Cool Toned Matte Brown with a plum undertone

China White – Matte Cream

Black Rainbow – Pigmented Matte Black with fine multicoloured Microglitter

Macro shot of Black Rainbow

For the most part these shadows are soft, buttery, pigmented and blend beautifully. There’s only one shade ‘Violence’ that I find awkward to work with. For some reason –that shade is a little sheerer than the rest, it takes longer to build pigmentation up, once it’s on it looks great, but it’s 2/3 swatches above with my finger, so with a brush it’s slightly worse. The copper cranberry shade ‘Confession’ initially disappointed me I had similar problems with applying it although it swatched beautifully, I’ve just learnt that that one picks up on some brushes much better than others, now I know which ones work well I’ve reached for this shade a lot!


Courtney has fast become a shade that I reach for a lot, I like the peachy undertone that this matte is, and makes a great transition shade. China White was initially a shade which I thought I wouldn’t use often, but I’ve found myself using this a lot as a brow bone highlight and transitioning towards the inner corner.

The one thing this palette lacks for me is an absolutely popping bright ka-pow inner corner highlight shade. I’ve reach for my Makeup Geek Voltage pan more often than not as there’s not s a shade in here that I feel works really well – unless I’m staying in the purple/pink spectrum.

Courney Through Crease, Princess Inner Corner, Anarchy All Over Lid &
Courney Through Crease, Princess Inner Corner, Violence All Over Lid & Vanity on Outer Corner
Courtney through crease, Confession over lid, Vanity Outer Corner, Makeup Geek Voltage Inner Corner

So far I’m really impressed with this palette, after an initial saving it, the one shade I haven’t used on my eyes yet is star power, because I have no idea how to create a look with it, but I’m going to experiment on a day between Christmas and New Year. I’ll keep you posted.

The Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette is £40 and is available from Beauty Bay in the UK, they also do ship worldwide.

Product received for free at an event, but views reflective of my experience with the product. Post contains affiliate links.


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53 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette Review

  1. I had the same thoughts about this palette that it looked bright and scary, but now you’ve said about just taking away the pink and blue I’m looking at it completely differently. Love the looks you’ve created with it too!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Purples and reds are always so challenging in makeup! I can see how the shade “Courtney” would be a go-to shade. I bet you’ll hit pan on that before anything else! I’d give you £10 if you hit pan on “Star Power” first! 😆 Jeffree star is just not a brand I gravitate toward…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Challenge accepted haha! No I don’t either if I hadn’t been given a palette I’d never have tried it, but definitely want to try a skin frost as well now, products are good I just think everything is a bit oversized – it’s reflected in the price for size but there’s some things you’ll know you’ll never get through!


      1. Hi Rachael, sorry dear, I haven’t done Bali yet 😊 look forward to read about yours. I was in KL for a day and I only spent time stuffing my face 😂 will be sooooo excited to read about your adventure


  3. Those colours are so pretty, that bright pink looks so pigmented and it definitely draws your eye in the palette. It’s one of those colours that would make me want the palette but then it’d be left and not used. The mattes look good too, I’ve never tried anything from Jeffree Starr as they always seemed expensive but this has kind of tempted me. I really don’t need any more palettes though lol.


  4. This is currently £28 on BB! Its such a beautiful palette and I really want it but can’t justify it when I have so many others. Have you seen the swatches for his androgyny palette? It looks incredible!
    Can’t believe he gave you it, think I would have died!!



      1. If it still in stock come payday then I’m having it 😂 it’s been an expensive month with getting my new camera but the colours are just SO different to anything I’ve got! 😍 xxx

        Liked by 1 person

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