Face Mask Friday #26 – Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

I’d heard really good things about this face mask from Garnier, and was curious due to it’s super affordable price point, I hadn’t seemed to have ‘run into it’ in Boots or Superdrug so when I spotted it in store on sale a couple of weeks ago I snapped up one to try, and after a very long week I put it to the test.

This is the Garnier SkinActive Mositure Bomb Tissue Mask, which according to the back is ‘inspired by asia’ – I don’t know why but I find the wording of that completely odd. This doesn’t feel like a normal sheet mask when I compare them to others that I’ve tried, it’s thicker, it feels halfway between a normal sheet and halfway between a more gooey bio-celluose sheet. One side of the sheet feels almost different to the other – there’s one side that is definitely the side to put to  your face, the other side feels drier and like it’s containing all the moisture.


The sheet is covered in a bright blue gel serum which comes with big promises 1 mask equalling 1 weeks worth of moisturising serum. After it’s fifteen minute application it promises to make skin appear more radiant, feel smoother and rehydrate, whilst after a a week it should make skin revitalised, fine lines appear smaller and skin to look and feel plumper. So basically this should just about do everything apart from exfoliate.


I was keen to give this a go straight away as in the past month the weather turned to being quite bitterly cold, my hair and skin have rebelled and I’ve been suffering with a few dry patches on my cheeks that I’ve been struggling to get rid of and I wanted to see whether this could aid in reducing the effects.

The mask contains pomegranate which has superb antioxidant and moisturisng properties, has been proven to aid in cellular regeneration as well as having a high vitamin C content, which is something that our skin can’t produce itself (thanks Kiehl’s for teachning me that, I never knew). In addition to Pomegrante the mask also contains hyalauranic acid (for resurfacing) and an un-named plant serum. The mask has a waft of pomegranate whilst retaining a pretty fresh scent, the serum when first touching the skin is instantly cooling and soothing – this would be a fab choice of mask in the summer when it’s hot.


After just over 15 minutes I peeled off the mask and massaged in the serum, I have yet to find a sheet mask that I’d be happy to put makeup on straight away after as I always find the serums in these to have a slight sticky residue that it’s leaves behind.

Instantly inspecting my skin once the serum had properly dried down, I noticed that the dry, flaky patch on my cheeks were much smoother and reduced, and I’m happy to report that 2 weeks on from using this (I didn’t manage to get this up last week thanks to all the empties!), that the patch still hasn’t returned. Hurrah.

My skin felt smoother and plumper almost instantly and felt like I did keep seeing improvements for the first few days – after a week I still wasn’t noticing changes and I can’t really comment on the fine lines aspect, I have a few right under my eyes, but not in a place where a sheet mask would ever reach and are normally most prominent after lack of sleep (a recurring theme lately), however I doubt they are even bad enough for other people to notice let alone face mask miracle recoveries. I’d be interested to hear if you do have them and try this mask whether you saw any changes to the fine lines.


I think this mask is really good value for money for a single use mask that you can find on the highstreet I picked this up for 99p, reduced from £1.49 where even then it would be a great price. I’m comparing this to similar priced masks from the likes of Montagne Jeunesse which to me have always felt like ‘teenage sleepover products’ and whilst I’ve tried and reviewed several during my series, there’s only ever been one which has given me visible results. At the same prices as a MJ mask  – or even that 50p extra at full price – this is worth every penny, and for a sheet mask which are rare to come by on the high street – especially at an affordable price, I’ll be stocking up on a few of these next time I see them, especially if they’re on sale. I kinda wish they made this serum in a bottle form, it would easily become the one I kept my my bedside if I did (hint hint Garnier).

If you’re into your sheet masks I’d thoroughly recommend this.


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19 thoughts on “Face Mask Friday #26 – Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

  1. I’ve never tried a sheet mask or heard of this one in particular but it sounds like a fab mask! You can’t go wrong for 99p really! Glad this helped your dry patch and it hasn’t returned. If I see this in NZ I’m tempted to buy it, unless it costs something ridiculous like $5+


  2. This mask is on my mask wishlist but there were so many releases this year that somewhere half through the year I lost interest in buying anymore until I use at least a half of what I already have but as it is sold individually, it is tempting😌

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  3. I’ve been SO curious about these! I’d heard really rave reviews too but I haven’t actually seen these here yet. I’ll definitely snatch one up to try for myself! I agree, I always wish companies would sell whatever serum they use in these masks – I guess the masks are more lucrative? By the way, did you happen to see where the mask was made? I’m curious if it was made in Korea.


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