Beauty #TBT – Sephora Formula X Naughty Newton Review

Whilst you may be thinking how is this a Beauty #TBT you bought this 3 weeks ago (haul here!), the reason I’m including it as a beauty throwback is because it’s been discontinued from Sephora and technically you can no longer get it, I scored this in a TK Maxx (yep, I know – how a pile of Sephora Formula X Polishes got there is totally baffling to me too), so it’s worth a gander in your local TJ Maxx/Winners/TK Maxx as who knows if you might find it there too!

I’ve mentioned this a few times, but you won’t often see me reviewing black coloured polishes on my blog very often. I bloody love a black nail varnish, but I don’t like them on me – every time I wear one I look at it like bleh, this does not suit me at all, but if I’m going to wear a black it needs to be like this – packed with holo micro glitter.


It seems like Sephora has discontinued their “effects” polishes which came with black caps – these were mostly glitter formulas and I’m kind of glad I managed to get my hands on this – I picked up Freaky Like Freud in New York and now I have another scientist to pair it with – Naughty Newton.


The formula of the two are very similar to one another, and the finish is very similar, I think that Naughty Newton is made up of slightly more base on the base to glitter ratio in comparison – but overall the effect and application of both is very similar. And actually, out of all the glitters I’ve tried – I don’t think I’ve ever had a glitter that goes on any better than these Sephora Formula X ones – so why they’ve been discontinued I’m not sure as I bet they were popular!



This is pictured here with two coats – and I think personally even if you were layering it over a plain black creme base you’d probably need two coats of this to get the same depth an intensity of sparkles – so on that front I’d say you wouldn’t need a base to get a great application. But on that note I do think you need to wear a good black cream base with it (which unfortunately I don’t have as I don’t bloody wear them

sephora-formula-x-naughty-newton-beauty-tbt-4!) and the reason for that is the name Naughty Newton feels quite apt as he does like to misbehave.

After weeks of serious nail CBA – I decided to sit down Saturday morning with my pain au chocolat, and a couple of episodes of Bob’s Burgers and my polish, the application was great, it all dried quickly and I did about 30 minutes of house tidying before going into the shower. Whilst in the shower I noticed that one had flaked completely off in one big peelie. By the time I was ready and I was leaving the house about an hour and a half later, I had just 3 nails left on ten fingers. I wasn’t sure whether to blame the new topcoat and basecoat I’d also been trying from Formula X, but on closer inspection I noticed that the base coat was still on my nails – and the polish had lifted away from it. I was curious as to WTF the problem was so I retried it again on Sunday with one hand with a different base and topcoat and the same thing happened again – peeling away and off within 2 hours of it being on. So obnoxious.


2 hours after painting

I’m absolutely gutted by this as it’s actually  a black polish I like – I haven’t tried this yet with a black cream underneath to see if I can get this to last longer – but regardless it’s still disappointing.  These black based polishes with heaps of holo are definiely not an original shade and I have had a couple in the past – but I’ve never come across ones which perform as well on the application front as what these do – they don’t need a million layers to get a dense glitter effect, but none of that matters if you can’t even get a manicure that would last you an evening.


Do you have any of the Formula X Polishes? How do they perform for you?

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16 thoughts on “Beauty #TBT – Sephora Formula X Naughty Newton Review

  1. Looks really pretty! however I am really bothered by the brush of Formula X polishes. I own 2 of them and I find it quite difficult to get a even application. I love their colours though!


  2. Beauty colour but what atrocious formula! This reminds me of the Essie mattes I got! Hmm I should try those again with a different base coat, perhaps? I kind of doubt it’d make a difference in all honesty because I already use a sticky base coat (Orly Bonder). I guess this polish is only good for if you want a one day mani and easy peel off formula!


  3. I haven’t been hearing good things about Formula X in general. I always used Gel Polish up until recently. Now, I’m trying (note: TRYING) to do my own nails and figure out what polish is really good. Because everything is chipping off in a day or two.


  4. I have a few solid colors from Formula X and while they don’t last more than 3 days, I’ve never had one just peel off!! I just ordered a rose gold glitter polish and I really hope it doesn’t do the same. Its such a pretty shade and so disappointing! For as expensive as Formula X is they should really get a consistent formula down.

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