Look Incredible November 2016

Here we are again with the first box delivery of the month, Look Incredible’s is here and there’s one product in particular that I’m ecstatic to see this month!

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment – £19


This is the most exciting to me, and I’m left wondering how it made it’s way into the box as I think you can only get some of Fresh’s products from Harrods in the UK. It’s been a product I feel like I’ve heard about for years, and I totally forgot to go and check it out in New York whilst in Sephora. This is a lip treatment sunscreen containing SPF 15 to moisturise and smooth out the lips, this also smells yummy. I normally wouldn’t spend £19 on a lip balm, but the packaging is lovely on this, it feels luxe.

Lord & Berry 20100 Lipstick Pencil (Diva) – £10


This one is a bit of a dud for me, I’ve tried a few Lord & Berry products in the past, and whilst I know several bloggers love their lipstick pencils, I just haven’t liked the ones I’ve tried. Diva is a deep plum berry shade that from swatches online either looks like a faint wash of colour or a really bold glossy lip. I’ve decided to pop this one into my giveaway box.

No7 Lift & Luminate Day & Night Serum – £14.99


For a UK blogger, I never talk about No7, there’s something about the brand which doesn’t appeal to me, when I look over the shade selection and the skincare nothing jumps out of me, it all feels very safe and I think that’s why it doesn’t interest me. Not sure whether to hold onto this one or not – I can’t decide, I actually don’t have too many serums left as a backup, but equally I look at this well loved product and I already know I’m probably not that inspired to use it. I can’t actually find this for sale on the Boots website,

Spa Retreats Indulgence Moisturising Body Cream – £16


I’ve not heard of the brand Spa Retreats and the only place I seem to be able to find it for sale is on Look Incredible’s website (where it’s £10, not £16 as listed on the card…). This is described as being thick and luxurious body cream with shea butter and coconut oil. With essential oils of Damask Rose and Rose Geranium – this smells lovely and floral like a waft of spring arriving early.

Korres Sunflower and Primrose Eyeshadow (31 Bronze Brown) – £10


I love this colour – it’s described as a bronze brown, but personally I don’t think it’s that bronze – it reminds me of a slightly darker version of MAC Patina, but I have a million like it and I’ve realised recently that I haven’t reached for a single shadow over a palette in over a month – so it’s going in the giveaway box too. These eyeshadows are formulated with sunflower and primrose oils and is described as being highly pigmented and nourishing.

What do you think of this months Look Incredible? It’s not my favourite but I think the selections is a bitter better this month., some months have felt a bit makeup heavy – and this has 2 skincare items and I like the more balanced boxes.


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24 thoughts on “Look Incredible November 2016

      1. i have some to unbox for next week –
        that one that u got has become CULT CLASSIC HERE
        i was reading a great article on the IT products of na ….
        super interesting xo
        have a great weekend xo ❤


  1. Be careful with that Fresh lipbalm – mine melted in the tube and broke right off (onto the floor! 😥 ) I do really love the packaging of that lipblam though – so nice.
    And oooh you got a Korres eye shadow! I received a single in a swap – it was a a bronze shade – I’m fairly certain it’s the same as what you received. It’s really lovely!
    Funny, I wear single shados ALL THE TIME. I just put them in customizable palettes or I pull them out singlularly to use. I hardly ever use palettes. So weird.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You can get the day & night one brand new online like on eBay I think!! I really need a good serum tho either way, do you recommend any? Xx

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Fresh sugar lip treatments are amazing!!!!! I actually want to buy one because they feel so luxurious on the lips! I haven’t had this product in a few years and I actually have been considering buying it all week lol. What a coincidence to see it here. Maybe it’s a sign that I should buy it lmao

    Liked by 2 people

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