NYX Transylvania Soft Matte Lip Cream

Last year I fell deeply in love with NYX’s Copenhagen Soft Matte Lip Cream when they finally launched in the UK. I picked up a few others when I hit up a NYX counter when they first made their way into Boots stores. One shade I picked up was Transylvania – I picked it up right at the start of spring, so it’s only now in the past few weeks that I’ve just started reaching for it.


Transylvania is like Copenhagen’s darker vampier sister. It’s a tone or two darker and has a plummy undertone. NYX Describe it as a Deep Matte Violet, personally I think it sits more red to be called a Violet, whilst it’s undertones are there.


Copenhagen is opaque in one swipe and glides on the lips easily and the wear time is solid, I found that lasted on my lips for 4/5 hours or until something oily was eaten. The need to reapply is never a problem and I found it re-layered up perfectly. Transylvania is a different story, it’s slightly patchy from the get go and needs three of 4 layers and slight touch ups, applying with the lightest hand possible is key as a the formula is prone to moving the heavier you press the doe-foot applicator is to the lip. It doesn’t wear as well or as long, and when you need to reapply it gets cakey really easily and looks even patchier.


I want to love Transylvania as I love the tone of this lip product, it’s perfect for this time of year and is a gorgeous vampier red that would have been totally out of my comfort zone a few years ago. I love this. For now I’m on the hunt for a similar shade that lasts better and applies a hell of a lot nicer. I could get over the longevity problems, but the application is just way too much of a pain!


If you have any recommendations of similar shades that have better pigmentation please let me know! I still also have a couple of NYX SMLCs to review – both pinks, but I’m planning on going back to NYX and looking at more of their Lip Products. If you have any fave shades I need to look at please tell me in the comments!


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28 thoughts on “NYX Transylvania Soft Matte Lip Cream

  1. Oh I love this shade, I thought it was darker but it looks so nice! I want to try Copenhagen too, it is such a lovely shade for fall! If you want to try similar shades, you should check Rimmel Kate #30, it is more purplish with pink undertones, Rimmel 107 and Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy!


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  2. I found exactly the same! I’m so glad someone else has haha! Although I tried Copenhagen too and I just couldn’t get on with it either. Liquid lipsticks aren’t my favourite thing but I tried The Body Shop’s new ones and they’re really good! Sicily Iris is kind of similar to Transylvania I think…possibly more purple but they have a good selection of colours anyway 🙂

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      1. The Body Shop ones totally changed my mind to liquid lipsticks, I was dead against them before! I still don’t like them as much as actual lip sticks but I’m more open to them now. Which are your favourites??


  3. Oh that’s too bad Transylvania wasn’t the same in terms of formula as Copenhagen – I guess it goes to show even within the same range, different colours can perform so drastically different!
    This type of colour does look wonderful on you though! I have no recommendations as I’m not well versed in the vampy lippies! I suggest to check Revlon lippies – they’re good quality and they might have some darker colours.

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  4. This shade looks lovely on you but it’s a shame to hear the formula isn’t the best. I purchased a SMLC a few months ago and I’m disappointed so it has put me off trying other shades. If you’re looking for shades similar to this maybe try After Dark by Urban Decay.

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  5. This is a lovely colour, it really suits you and is perfect for this time of year!

    If it’s not too much trouble I would really appreciate a follow back on: cp803blog.wordpress.com


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