The Subscription for Your Furry Friend

Do your pets presume every rustle of a packet or contents of a cardboard box might be for them? Mine do and for once they won’t be disappointed. Last month the guys over at Animal Box got in touch and offered Dexter and Charlie their own box to try of course we said yes, and don’t worry cat lovers they don’t just cater for dogs with their Pawesomebox, they have Purrfectbox for your cats too.


The box is £19.90 a month, and is tailored by your dogs weight, so you’ll receive toys, treats and accessories that should suit your dog perfectly – luckily both of my dogs fit into the same bracket of 10-25kg as Charlie the 6 month old Puppy now weighs more than Dexter (the big fatty!). There are multiple subscription options and you can choose to pay monthly or every three, six or twelve months will give you a discount on your boxes.



The box came with a small magazine giving tips, tricks and things to keep an eye out for, as well as cute pictures from happy pets from the last month’s box. I especially loved the dog on the front of this magazine, must fashion the dogs headpieces out of Autumn leaves this weekend.


This months box contained 2 toys, 3 lots of treats and an accesssory entirely appropriate for the time of year. So let’s start there, a Pets at Home LED heart which easily clips on and off the collar, now dog walks are a thing which happens in the dark I’ll be stopping into get a second one of these from Pets at Home, especially with a recent incident with a new harness meaning we were running around in the dark for about 2 hours looking for Dexter, this would have helped, spot which field he was in!

the-subscription-box-for-your-pets-dogs-pawesome-11 the-subscription-box-for-your-pets-dogs-pawesome-12


There were two toys which both had Charlie’s name on it, Dexter is very fussy when it comes to toys and treats – and Charlie claimed this soft donut as his straight away, he’s just discovered a love for anything with a hole in the middle that he can throw around easily/carry around/get you to play tug with him, so I can now pass him this instead of the sellotape he continues to try and take any time I’m using it.

the-subscription-box-for-your-pets-dogs-pawesome-14 the-subscription-box-for-your-pets-dogs-pawesome-15 the-subscription-box-for-your-pets-dogs-pawesome-17

Meet his new BFF Rex, all of Charlie’s Favourite things combined, it has a face (always more interesting), it has a squeaker, and it has rope. Look at how happy this face is with this T-rex from Good Boy.


Onto the treats, there was two extra special Salami Sticks, which were saving for especially good behaviour as these are like gold-dust to them. Some dental treats which I’ve yet to try with them, anything Dental they normally turn their nose up at, but these don’t smell too herbally, so hopefully they can be convinced. And finally their new favourites, Beef Meat Slices which they’ll quite literally do anything for, both are gobbling them up!

the-subscription-box-for-your-pets-dogs-pawesome-3 the-subscription-box-for-your-pets-dogs-pawesome-6 the-subscription-box-for-your-pets-dogs-pawesome-5the-subscription-box-for-your-pets-dogs-pawesome-7

Overall this is a nice box to treat your dogs to, for me it would be a treat every once in a while as we have so many toys around the house already we’d soon become over-run with them. I think it’s also a nice thing to keep tucked away with to reward your dog with once a week or so with something new for good behaviour which is probably what I would have done if we’d not been reviewing!

You can get £5 off your first box with the code ‘ukbytnas’. You can sign up your pooches for an awesome monthly treat clicking here, or your cats by clicking here!


Box sent for free for review purposes but thoughts are 100% honest and reflective of my experience with the brands and products, Charlie & Dexter remain reviewers who can be bribed with treats ha. 


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11 thoughts on “The Subscription for Your Furry Friend

  1. I’ve looked at these kind of boxes for ages for JJ and never knew whether they’d be worth it. This is a lovely box but I guess for the money, you could nip to pets at home and pick the treats that you know they’ll like! Still a tad on the fence but JJ would adore that T. rex!! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think they’d be a rare treat for them for me – Luckily I think everything in this box I would have bought for them (I at least keep attempting to get them to eat breath treats) – but agree if you’ve got dogs who are fussy about treats it’s hard and could be left with things they might not like (Dexter won’t eat biscutty treats for some reason!). Any toys will go down well in our house though, Charlie plays with everything. TRex is from the brand Goodboy if you want to hunt it out!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aww poor Dexter, no toys for him? What kinds of toys does Dexter prefer? My old dog only like rubbery toys, she did not care for stuffed animals or soft things. She HATED stuff that squeaked. Dogs are so odd. 😛 That said, that Rex toy is pretty darn awesome!
    I love that series of photos of Dexter licking his chops while you take photos. What a good doggie!


    1. He does like most soft toys, but if he’s not in the mood to play then he’s not interested in them! Charlie is definitely more toy orientated than Dex, and if he wants a toy that Dexter has he’ll take it and Dexter rarely puts up a fight!
      Dexter is slowly getting better at listening to what you want (as long as you have a treat in hand!), 6 months ago he’d never lay down for a treat but I’m slowly training him. Charlie is still barely getting sitting for treats though, more than asking for a paw from him and he starts jumping up at you!


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