Isn’t it Pretty!? Kiko Gossamer Lipstick 109 Amaranth Review

Bought in April, I’d totally forgotten about this lipstick until I uncovered it in a box it shouldn’t have been in a few weeks ago, and since it’s been cracked out a couple of times a week! Given it’s autumnal colour, it’s actually been a good one to just be trying and discovering now.


I wasn’t sure when I bought this whether the Gossamer Emotion lipsticks from Kiko, I wasn’t sure whether they were going to be limited edition items or not, but 6 months on they’re still available online – Kiko’s LE collections only tend to stay around for about around six-eight weeks so it would seem as if they’re permanent at the moment. There are 30 shades within the collection and are priced at £10.90 each. £10.90 is quite expensive I will say, Kiko is normally a brand which sits somewhere around the £5-£8 mark for lip products, and over £10 definitely feels up there, but saying that the packaging is really glorious.


These have a spring loaded button at the top which releases the lipstick from the cap. The spring, if I’m being picky – isn’t the nicest, it feels a little clunky and I’ve found it essential to keep in a pocket in my handbag, even the slightest knock on the button releases it easily.  The outer lid is a gorgeous chrome gunmetal packaging with a rose gold button with the kiko logo on top, inside the bullet itself is mostly rose gold, with the part that twists being the same gunmetal shade from the outside, it is metal rather than super shiny plastic. The lipstick itself also features the Kiko ‘K’ logo and overall this lipstick looks really chic.


When I bought this I had to look up what Gossamer meant as I wasn’t sure but it’s described as a fine, filmy substance consisting of cobwebs spun by small spiders, seen especially in autumn, from what I can tell – this isn’t one of the ingredients inside and I’m not entirely sure what would have inspired the name as the formulation of theses are thick and creamy, reminding me very much of the pigmentation of a MAC Amplify lipstick with the consistency of a creamsheen formula – making for a very comfortable wear.

kiko-gossamer-emotion-lipstick-109-amaranth-swatch2 kiko-gossamer-emotion-lipstick-109-amaranth-swatch

The shade I picked up was 109, named Amaranth, a plant which I have plenty of in my garden – but I’ve never seen any in this deep mauvey purple, so I’m not entirely sure where that name came from either. From what I can tell (although I have had a bit of a cold which is still passing), these lipsticks are completely scentless, and make for a change from the normal vanilla infused varieties from most other brands.


In terms of wear time it’s not the longest due to it’s creamy formula, I’d say a 3-4 hour wear is standard with the glossy balm life sheen fading with wear, but actually at this time of year, where the change in season has seen me really needing to reach for the lip balm, then it’s been just what I’ve needed. I’d definitely think about picking up more of these shades in future, and into my next stop in Kiko I’ll be seeking some more shades out. All of the line fall in to the ‘normal’ shade line, red, browns, nudes and berry shades – so for anyone who is hoping for a more out there colour, I’m sad to say, there isn’t currently anything in the Gossamer line up.


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34 thoughts on “Isn’t it Pretty!? Kiko Gossamer Lipstick 109 Amaranth Review

  1. Beautiful colour. And I’d like to add that your lips are pretty much perfect! I just keep staring at the swatch photos lol. You my dear, should be a lip swatch model. I promise I’m not just blowing smoke up your behind haha.

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  2. This looks like such a beautiful shade and while the packaging is nice, I’m sure it would become annoying. The formula sounds incredible and if that was NZ, the price wouldn’t be unreasonable at all haha x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha true, TBH the price isn’t bad – I just think of Kiko as being a cheaper brand but the quality and packaging warrants the difference between their normal line! The packaging is okay, now I’ve realised it’s prone to a casual pop off I just make sure I store it in the phone pocket of my handbags so it doesnt get ruined! x

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  3. I love “finding” makeup in a random box lol! I just found a Shiseido lipstick I’d bought a least 2 years ago in a basket. 😆
    I’m a sucker for spring-loaded lipsticks, or the kind that slides up with a lever. Why? I don’t know. It does not affect the performance of the lipstick whatsoever. 😛 The packaging of this IS really chic!
    The shade is lovely! Reminds me a bit of a deeper MAC Twig. And thank goodness no cobwebs used in the making of this lipstick! 😛

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    1. I can’t work out for the life of me why they’ve chosen that word if it’s playing no part in it, Arachnophobes must be turned off if they look it off!
      It’s something that makes them different and interesting to other lipsticks. It kind of reminds me of MAC Alluring Aquatic Mystical now I’m looking at it again today. I need to swatch them side by side!

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  4. Lol don’t you hate it when brands are so random about their naming? At least the actual product rocks! This shade looks gorgeous on you 🙂 I also don’t mind if a lipstick doesn’t last super long as long as it’s moisturizing.

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

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