UPDATED: My Little Box October 2016 – Brooklyn

There was nothing better to cheer me up on a Monday morning than a beauty box arriving at my desk at work, since I’ve started having them delivered to the office I can barely make it ten minutes without opening it and needing to peek inside. This month’s box had me excited prior to it’s arrival from the teases on their Instagram I knew it was going to be based around New York, and it was – themed on the coolest part of NYC – Brooklyn.


This months box featured a pretty print, which annoyingly had My Little Box plastered over it, it would be going up on the gallery wall in my hallway if it didn’t have that on it… Please don’t carry on with this MLB! I’ll start by saying I’m disappointed with the theme this month in how it’s been carried out, for me there’s nothing that makes this distinctively Brooklyn, and I was hoping to see some American brands in the box to carry on with the theme but they just haven’t for me!


First item I spotted was a metal coffee cup with the slogan “Coffee Made Me Do It” on it accompanied with a coffee stencil for the top. I’m not a coffee drinker so it’s a little useless to me, and whilst it’s quite nice the quality isn’t as good as other MLB items in the past.


A hidden item which I didn’t see towards until the second time I opened my box. Inside the little pouch was a little donut badge, and some shirt collar studs in a geometric rose gold and forest green design. I should have thought I will at least get some wear out of those pretty collar studs, perfect for the upcoming season.


As usual there was three beauty items in the box this month, the first I pulled out was the most exciting for me from My Little Beauty with their Save My Nails Nail Treatment (RRP £7), described in this magazine as a helping hand to tackle dry, damaged and weak nails, stained yellowness and a help to even out ridges. My nails always seem to get more brittle coming into winter so this will be a handy pre-manicure treatment to help combat all of the above.



Next up was where the real disappointment started for me with a ByTerry eyeliner, in theory this is exciting – ByTerry is an amazing high end brand which should fill me with excitement but I received a ByTerry liner in last March’s My Little Box – which was french themed (like ByTerry!). The liner was in the shade Gold Ornament (£24) which coming into Christmas party season I’m sure will get used, but it does feel a bit of a let down for a long term subscriber like me, I’m sure newer subscribers will be blown away by this.


Lastly was another disappointment, and an even bigger one – an identical repeat product in the form of Polaar Lapland Hand Cream (Great Brooklyn theme again!), which arrived in the October Box last year, and I’ve still yet to get around to trying, it was set to be next in rotation. A product that’s hopping straight into my giveaway box.

In terms of the theme I’m not sure how the beauty products link in with the Brooklyn theme at all. And I’m starting to see an repeat products come in more frequently. Whilst MLB customer service is usually good at sorting this out, it’s annoying as the initial excitement of your box arriving is tainted with products you’re immediately a bit saddened to see. After some initial excitement that the boxes were getting good again, after 6 months of disappointment at the start of the year, I can’t help but feel like the subscription is slipping again and I’m not sure how long I’m going to stay subscribed for. I’ll be interested to see what the replacement products are for at least the hand cream in this months box – but I’m hoping they may also choose to replace the liner as well, as I see that as a duplicate product despite the fact the exact shade isn’t the same.

If you’d like to revisit EVERY past My Little Box (yep I’ve been subbed since day 1!) then you can click here to see the archive!

UPDATED 12/10/2016:

I normally rave about the My Little Box customer service but they’ve let me down this time… I could understand the eyeliner, but a complete duplicate product is a big no no in any beauty box, and in the past when this has happened they’ve always replaced the product with something new. New company policy maybe, but this is such a shrugging the shoulders response for me! You’ve lost a subscriber MLB


Update Again… I emailed them back saying if repeat products were going to come in then I don’t think most long term subscribers will be pleased… they’re sending me some replacement product/s, but I can’t help but think that because my reply came from my email (with blog email signature) that’s what spurred the change in response.


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35 thoughts on “UPDATED: My Little Box October 2016 – Brooklyn

  1. I’ve never seen these boxes before! Aside from the mug, I really don’t understand what this has to do with Brooklyn either! LOL That gold eye liner could definitely be fun to play with come the holidays, but I understand you being bummed! I’m personally curious about that polish! My nails have taken a hit lately!! Definitely could use some strengthening. Thanks for sharing! XO

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hmm I’m hard pressed to think of anything beauty related that would scream “Brooklyn”! But you’re right, they could have focused on American brands at least. I guess the donut pin on the denim are vaguely “American”?
    Aww man, the ByTerry liner would have gotten me all excited until I opened it up to see the colour – what the heck! It’s obviously a shade that didn’t sell well.


    1. I think the colour will be quite nice all over the lid maybe or just under the bottom lash line. I bet there’s loads of NYC or American companies who could have been featured – or atleast something that made some vague sense, a very french brand and a lapland brand makes no sense in a Brooklyn box!!!
      Part of me thinks, the coffee side of it is american, but it’s not really is it, every nation loves coffee!

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  3. The design of the box is cool and I love the little pins for your collar. I agree though, coffee and doughnuts are the only Americany things I see and even that’s cliche. Shame they didn’t include some cool US brands x

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  4. I don’t drink coffee either. I agree with you, this mug does look less than the old MLB mug. Total bummer that you got an identical hand cream + sort of identical eyeliner. Well, as usual, my box has not yet arrived 😦 It appears that I cannot escape my ‘late box’ fate even in Paris.

    There are so many posts that I need to read!!! The internet man said that he’ll be here next week. Hopefully, I’ll get to catch up on all your posts soons 😉


    1. I’m still waiting for a response from them, but I think I’ve made up my mind that I’m unsubbing, these repeat products are annoying me and the excitement of the products arriving is tainted – I don’t care when 3 weeks later the replacements actually arrive the moment’s past!
      Hoping that the french box is better for you! They do seem to have more interesting products over the channel sometimes 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Can’t blame you. You’ve been thinking about unsub for while. Multiple occasions of repeated products is just too meh for sub boxes. Fingers cross for you and me 😉


  5. I wish I’d received the hand cream, I had the most revolting perfume, I’m never going to make the mistake of spraying myself without first checking whether I like the smell or not (I had to wash it off and even then I could still smell it 😂😂)


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