Small Elizavecca Skincare Haul

One day I came to Amazon and for some reason all of my recommendations were from this one brand – Elizavecca – I’d never heard of it but the packaging made me LOL way more than I should probably admit. I added a few items into my cart to remind me to come back and look at them, and forgot about it until last week when I saw them sitting in my basket. I did a little research on the brand and discovered it was Korean and the products were reviewed pretty positively so I decided to get a few items to try out…


First up was their Milky Piggy Carbonated Clay Face Mask (£10.50), now I know I said recently I was aiming to get through my stash of face masks, but this sounded so fun and unusual I had to try it… for you guys of course. This is a clay mask which after about five minutes completely foams up and then you press back down into your skin again and massage it back in. It’s supposed to be great as clearing the skin completely of any residue and can even be used as a cleanser to remove makeup (not on the eyes though). This has literally just arrived and I don’t think I’m going to get a chance to review it pre-Milan on Saturday, and I think this would be a really fun product to film a review on too – so expect this coming to a Face Mask Friday post to you ASAP, it might not be for two weeks!


Next up I bought 90% for the packaging, it’s a Devil pig with blackheads/pores running away from it, NEED I SAY ANYTHING ELSE?! This is the Hell Pore clean up mask (£12.50) is as you’d expect a mask for your nose or chin to pull out everything that’s stuck in there, it’s one area I seem to suffer with (not too badly I must add) as does Ben, so I think he’ll enjoy testing this out with me as he loves a nose pore strip!


There were so many items I was tempted to try but I thought I’d start with two to try first, I didn’t want to (nor do I actually need to either)  buy a bunch of different face masks or cleansers. They even have some hair treatments that sound intriguing, if it’s a positive experience these you can expect more from me with this brand for sure.



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24 thoughts on “Small Elizavecca Skincare Haul

  1. I tried the carbonated clay mask and I loved it! Apart from the fun process it made my skin so clean and bright! And how cute is the packagjng?

    Yiota x


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