What I’m Taking to Milan – Makeup, Hair & Skincare

It’s 2 days to go til we go to Milan – I’m very excited! I’m an over-packer, and I’ll freely admit that. I’ve tried this time round to keep everything contained to my airport friendly Kiehl’s pouch which I normally just keep my makeup in, but have managed to cram in everything *slight disclaimer on that!* I needed for my 4 days away – in what will be the fashion capital of the world in that moment as Fashion week will be going on.


Fluids and creams I’ve been so careful about what I’ve packed with me, we just have handluggage so everything needs to be under 100ml and I want to take as little as possible so I can potentially buy a few items in Italy to bring home with me!



I’m limiting the skincare I’m taking with me to just the essentials, for a few days away I can cope with not having a facial oil on me and I don’t need multiple types of cream. I’m taking the Elemis Smart Cleansing Water sample which I’ve used on once occasion so far and I’m looking forward to getting to use it more. For a proper cleanser I’ve decanted some of my Mario Badescu Seaweed Lotion – this stuff is my absolute favourite and keeps my skin totally clear.


For other skincare I’m taking some Kiehls samples with me, I have their Ultra Facial Toner, Ultra Facial Moisturiser with SPF 30 and their Powerful-Strength Line reducing concentrate, which I’ve been using as my eye cream for the past few weeks. All these samples are generously sized and if I keep them tucked out of the way from the maid thinking they’re rubbish, they’ll be more than enough to last me the three days!



For haircare I’m packing really light, I have a miniature sheer invisible dry shampoo from Colab, which has already been on one trip with me to Valencia so it could well be finished by the time we come home, I actually got this for free in Superdrug but it’s by far the most travel friendly dry shampoo I’ve seen – would totally recommend it if you’re travelling. The second item is the Batiste Hairspray I got in last month’s My Little Box, I’ve used this a few times and not really had time to pay attention to it’s performance, but it’s the only hairspray I have that’s under 100ml so I’m trusting it will do a good job and it’s coming with me.

You’ll notice there’s no shampoo or conditioner here – I was planning on taking the Nexxus minis I got in my Tili Box with us, but I actually don’t think that will be enough conditioner to last me whilst were there – let alone share it with Ben who also likes a conditioner, we’ve decided that we’re just going to pick up something that’s cheap and on offer at the airport and we can leave behind.



For perfume I’m taking the smallest bottle that I have, another beauty box find from my Latest in Beauty – this is the M&S Autograph by Rosie (Huntingdon-Whitely) called Nuit, it’s a dark musky rose scent which has actually been in  my handbag for the past few weeks and I’ve been a big fan of it so far! I’m most of the way through this 15ml bottle (it looks smaller than what it actually is) and I think with it being the sole perfume I’m using whilst away it could well be empty by the time we come home – or close to it!



Let’s start at the base… Makeup Forever Smoothing Primer (reviewed here) is a primer I both really like, and is a mini size so handy to take with me too. For foundation I’ve decantered the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation (review here) this is all I actually have left of this foundation so I’m so happy that Kat Von D is now available in Debenhams so I can buy myself another as this is my favourite foundation I’ve ever bought! For concealer I’ve packed the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer (review here), it’s one that I’ve really loved but have neglected recently while I’ve been trying to finish up others. I’ve chose this one because if I feel it’s too hot to wear foundation but want a little something it’s super light in consistency and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin at all.


Powders, the Make Up For Ever HD Powder  (review here) is actually the only powder I currently have in my possession, I really like it for making the skin look flawless and again it’s very light feeling so won’t add too much of a cakey feeling in the warm Italian sunshine (hopefully!), like the primer it’s also a travel size so keeping things light again. I’ve been savvy with my packing of blush and highlight with just one product with the Smashbox Soft Lights Duo in Super/Model – this was something I got in my Look Incredible Box ages ago and I think I’ve only used it once so far. For bronzer I was torn which to take, I wanted to bring my Sleek contour kit one which I’m trying so hard to finish (link about that here) but I’ve hit pan on it so heavily now that I think there’s a good chance it would shatter if it became well travelled, so instead I’ve taken my fave from theBalm Bahama Mama. It’s thin cardboard packaging makes it a travel friendly choice too, light and compact!


For mascara I’ve got one I’m trying to finish off, the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara (review), I don’t like this at all, but I only need it for my bottom lashes as I have freshly infilled lash extensions so it’ll do for that purpose. For brows, my one and only – Benefit Gimme Brow, total fave. Eyeshadow primer is Urban Decay’s Primer Potion – I think I might have to ditch this soon as I think it’s starting to turn so I’ll get every last drop out whilst I can. Lastly for eyeliner, is the Illamasqua Precision Ink, I’m unsure as I’m writing this as to whether my review of this will already be up or not as I’m undecided on the order, but a review of this will either be up, or shortly will be!


Eyeshadow I have 2 new things – one of which is totally untried other than swatched, a few weeks ago I purchased the Tarte Tartelette Palette online second hand – it had been lightly swatched, and other than the packaging being a little scratched it’s unused, I’ve been waiting for QVC to restock both the Tartelette and Tartelette in Bloom palettes for months and they haven’t been in stock, to get this from Sephora or the Tarte website it was looking like it was going to cost me about £50 + shipping and customs, so when I saw a one come up for sale in a UK Beauty Blogger swaps and sales group for £20 including postage I snapped it up. It’s all matte shades so I’ve bought one shimmer with me in the form of Too Faced Copper Peony that I got this month and I’ve only tried once, I also thought I could use the highlighter if needed for an inner corner highlight.


Last but of course not least is lips, Milani for Milan seemed a natural choice – the Plumrose lipstick (review) is still a firm favourite and will go with everything, it’s the perfect pink where it’s not too pink but has another of something to not be a boring nude. I also wanted a bright choice and I’ve had several of the Sleek Matte Me’s for about 6 weeks now and still haven’t gotten around to trying them, so I’ve bought the bright raspberry in the shade Fandango Purple along for my bright choice!


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21 thoughts on “What I’m Taking to Milan – Makeup, Hair & Skincare

  1. You’ve packed pretty light on the makeup front, when I go away (even if it is for a few days) i literally take a trunk of makeup, I just like to have choices 😄


  2. I always always overpack on makeup! My skin changes so much each day that I usually bring wayyy more than I actually would use when I’m home. Just being away from the choice makes me nervous hahah I can’t wait to see what you get in Milan!


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