Face Mask Friday #22 – When Travelmate Sheet Mask

I reviewed a sheet mask from When back at the start of July, and it’s one of the first sheet masks that I’ve used that I’ve actually seen results with, so I was excited that I had two other’s from them in my stash ready to go. (The other two I was sent but this mask in particular I received in a Birchbox last year)

This is the Travelmate mask which I’d been saving for travelling, but recently my skin was screaming out for some love after a bad spell of illness which seemed to completely flip my skin at the same time. My usual oily skin was dehydrated and dry – much like I often find my skin goes during travelling, so I pulled it out for a mini relax at home to try and get my skin back on track.


This looks and feels much like the first that I’ve tried these are Bio-cellulose sheets which When list as being more effective and eco-friendly compared to fabric or hydro-gel materials which the majority of sheet masks use. It’s a slightly gooey gel type feel and the masks are kept very, very wet with a high level of serum saturating the mask.

This is described as being the best for it’s use of gentle moisturising ingredients to help your skin recover from sun, wind and dry air (basically the UK’s weather over the past week!), so I had high hopes that this was going to be exactly what my skin would need to restore a bit of energy and life into my face.


Unfortunately unlike the first where I noticed my skin was softer and smoother, which was a feeling which also lingered for a few after it being used, I noticed no such effects with this one. Immediately I touched my face and could feel the a thin layer of serum still residing on my skin, I thought I couldn’t notice a difference but I waiting until it was completely dry and sunken into my skin before reserving judgement, and still – nothing, no difference no change.face-mask-friday-travelmate-when

I had high hopes for this one to match the performance of the glamour base one, but sadly it did not. At £7 each these aren’t a cheap mask like a 99p Montagne Jeunesse mask. The positives? I’m one step closer to being able to be able to treat myself to one of the new Body Shop masks!


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9 thoughts on “Face Mask Friday #22 – When Travelmate Sheet Mask

      1. You mentioned that this mask did not worked for you like the old one your tried. I was asking about the name of that old onw


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