Look Incredible September 2016

On Friday when I got home from work my Look Incredible box was waiting for me hidden in my safe place, it was like my postie knew I was suffering from having a long week and I’d need something to cheer me up as he never usually leaves things and I would normally have to go grab it from the post office.


I can’t quite believe that this is now the eighth box that I’ve had from Look Incredible. It feels like only a moment ago I stumbled across the service, and I was looking forward to unboxing September’s box to see what’s inside. The box was the same as last month’s revamped design, I’m still not sure that the beige and white polka dot bow matches the sleek gold and black box).



The first first item I pulled out this month was from Make Up For Ever, a brand which is a first to be seen in this box, this was their Uplight Face Luminizer Gel in the shade 33 (£25), which is quite a deep bronze golden shimmering liquid, it looks very pretty in the bottle and definitely would have come on holiday with me to Valencia in August, and on the body it also features quite heavily some gold chunky glitter, it’s definitely more of a body product than a facial product for me, an one which definitely requires a tan!


Next item out of the box was this mascara from Princess Marcella Borghese, can we just admire how glamorous this packaging is. Again a brand we’ve not seen in the box previously, and one I don’t really know anything about, this has a reported price tag of £14. This is their Superiore State of the Art Mascara and is described as being great for giving curl and adding length, seen as I have a huge stash of mascaras, and I wear them very rarely due to my dedication to lash extensions so I’m popping this in my giveaway box.


I pulled out an item from Laura Gellar next and it’s the second time I’ve received an item from LG since subbing to Look Incredible. I’ve been a fan of everything that I’ve tried out so far from Laura Gellar so I’m excited to give this Colour Enriched Lipstick a try in the shade Cab Crush (£16). I think this will be a really nice shade coming into Autumn and it reminds me of MAC’s Rebel, I’ll make sure to review them side by side when I get around to it – although it does seem like it’s going to apply a little patchily.

look-incredible-september-2016-elizabeth-arden-sponge look-incredible-september-2016-elizabeth-arden-sponge-handle

A surprising item was pulled out next which was Elizabeth Arden’s Makeup Blender (£10) which is a beauty blender type sponge on top of an acrylic handle. I’ve not tried a sponge type applicator that’s handled before, and it’s really quite small compared to others so I’m intrigued to see how this will apply. Annoyingly I’ve just finished typing up a beauty blender battle comparing all the ones I’ve currently had so this has arrived slightly too late, but I’ll be sure to report back! Disappointingly though, the brush looks cracked and like it’s been through heavy use already.


Last but not least is my favourite item from this month’s box, again a new brand to this month’s box is the Too Faced Exotic Colour Eyeshadow in the shade Copper Peony (£15). This is totally gorgeous and reminds me of the shade ‘Squad Goals’ from the Violet Voss palette. This is going to be the eyeshadow that’s coming with me to Milan, I was planning on taking the whole palette with me, but I”m now planning on just taking this with my Urban Decay basics palette to save on some space! This swatches absolutely beautifully, it has great pigmentation.

Left to Right: MUFE Luminizer, Middle, Too Faced Copper Peony Shadow, Laura Gellar Cab Catch Lipstick
Left to Right: MUFE Luminizer, Middle, Too Faced Copper Peony Shadow, Laura Gellar Cab Catch Lipstick


My one criticism of the service so far is the seeming repeating of products, now I’m not talking about receiving the a bare minerals blush repeatedly, but this box marks my forth mascara in 8 months of the subscription, I only received another luminizer June’s box, so whilst the box has impressive values and brands, I’m kind of creeping towards the edge of “oh not another mascara!” type situations at least once each month. I’d love to see Look Incredible include some more skincare in their boxes – so far there’s been just one SPF and one facial moisturiser.


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17 thoughts on “Look Incredible September 2016

    1. I was subbed to Glossybox for 3 years but unsubbed a few years ago as it started with brands like Illamasqua and NARS and ended up with much cheaper brands like Carmex and Simple!
      Birchbox I subscribe to on and off, I don’t think it offers good value for money as most of the products are sample sized and it’s rare you get anything full size (given it’s over half the cost of this box which is all full size!) I tend to only sub to it if I’ve seen the box and want what’s inside, I don’t take the gamble with it as most of the boxes would highly disappoint me!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You have a “safe place” for parcels? 😛 (where is it? You can tell me, no one will find out… 😆 )
    That mascara packaging is so pretty! I wouldn’t mind getting mascaras every month – as long as they’re different ones. I go through mascaras quickly / I like to toss them out frequently.
    And that Laura Geller lippy looks so on trend – wow!
    I’ve heard great things about those Beauty Blender type sponges on a stick – I’ve been eyeing them at Winners.
    What an awesome box – full of well known brand names too.


    1. Yeah in the uk you can nominate a safe place for things to be left with the post office. Ours is our shed as you can get into the garden were in the country and its safe enough for us to not have a proper lock just a bolt!
      If I didn’t have my lash extensions in i wouldn’t mind so many mascaras but I’m finding it hard to get through what I have and this box only keeps adding to the pile!
      When I saw the name cab crush I had no idea what colour it was going to be, didn’t imagine it would be a plum!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. In our condo, we have special larger lock boxes for parcels. As long as they don’t require a signature, the mail person can leave them in those lock boxes. Then they provide the key in our mail box so we can gain access. It’s a good system.


  2. Oh I really don’t want them to start including too much ‘skincare’ – that way lies the madness of Birchbox who find ways to showhorn in a shower gel every. single. month. Last month there was an alcohol hand sanitiser… seriously! I like that this box is more of a make-up box and not any old randomly beauty related stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like it and definitely prefer that it’s more heavily makeup orientated. Guess my problem is more so many mascaras, id prefer to get a cleanser every now and again for example rather than another mascara that’s just sitting and waiting to be used for months. I hated birchbox, I subbed for a few months and have only resubbed for a few one off boxes because I’d seen the contents. Think it’s rubbish value for money though as everything is so small.
      at least in this box you’d have the promise of skincare being full size instead of a sachet!


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