Face Mask Friday #21 – The Body Shop Seaweed Mask

After declaring my love multiple times for the Body Shop Blue Corn mask I began becoming super intrigued about the rest of the Body Shop’s offering’s. It’s quickly become my go-to mask over the past 6 months or so if I’m not trying something new. In the last Body Shop sale I decided to pick up another one from their range to try, and opted for their Seaweed mask which is supposedly the one to go for oil balancing. Given my skin is oily it seemed like a natural choice.

This mask smells super fresh and spa like which isn’t unlike the Blue Corn one. This has a thick clay like texture which dries down fully after about 10 minutes and tends to make the skin feel really tight and dry. I’ve found that you can’t leave this on for too long before you do have to remove it otherwise it starts to flake and disintegrate everywhere.

I’ve tried this in a few different ways over the past few months, purely used as a single mask all over my face. Whilst I’m technically classed as having oily skin all over, I felt a bit underwhelmed, there were areas of my skin where I felt it made no difference what so ever. My cheeks in particular I felt were no softer, no better at balancing out oil in that area. I re-tried, and re-tried and felt increasingly underwhelmed each time.

I tried a new strategy, using this as a multi mask focusing on the parts of my skin which are the worst oiliness, so primarily my T-zone, whilst using other masks everywhere else. Doing this, and focusing it’s performance much better.  I’ve found it does reduce oiliness well, but on a temporary basis, it doesn’t seem to create a lasting effect anything past the next day for me even with regular use. I’ve gotten almost half way through this pot already and I’m not convince by it at all. It’s not the best that I’ve used when it comes to oil control, it’s just okay for me.

I’m really interested in their whole new line of 5 masks which have just launched – I’ve made a promise to my stash of face masks however I must use up either all of my single use ones/sheets or a full size mask before I allow myself to purchase another. My face mask collection is seriously out of control at the moment!


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20 thoughts on “Face Mask Friday #21 – The Body Shop Seaweed Mask

  1. I love the seaweed mask. It has been my go-to mask for a while. I find it does quite a good job making my skin face soft and clean 😊 I wonder why it didn’t work for you tho 🙁 I’ve tried the new Superfood masks too. If you have problems with oily skin, then you should try their Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask. I wrote a little review too about it last Sunday. You might want to check it out if you haven’t yet 😁

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      1. I know right! The body shop are really really good, but you’d thought they would be tested it out a little more before selling it 🙂 x

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  2. Really a decent review you got there.. Really like your blogs. I have only tried their tea tree mask as I suffered from acne. But I’ve got oily skin and this review really helped me to make my mind. Thanks. And yeah please do stop by to read my blogs and don’t forget to follow. Love ❤


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