The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Hand & Foot Butter

I’d never heard of this product from The Body Shop until I spotted it in the Sale Haul I made in July. It’s been on the go since and I’ve enjoyed using this as I don’t have anything similar in my collection.

This is the Spa Wisdom Africa Hand and Foot Butter, it comes in delightful quality acrylic flip lid mason jar which would make it a little bulky and heavy for travelling with, but if you’re just keeping it to had on your bedside table then it’s a nice touch of something that’s a bit different.

Does anyone else find this realllllly satisfying?

I tend to use this just at night, throughout the summer I tend to wear sandals and the skin on my heels is always, always dry. When it’s not too hot and I can bare the idea of wearing socks in bed (although I normally kick them off sometime during the night sub-consciously), but I like slavering a thick layer on this over night popping my socks on and letting it sink in. Now I won’t say my feet become good as new when using this, as that would require some form of witchcraft – but my feet are always softer to touch and tend to look less dry.


I don’t love using this on my hands as whilst I don’t think it’s as greasy as most Body Shop Body butters – it has a lighter texture. On the odd time if my hands have felt very dry I have put this on overnight but I really struggle with relaxing when I feel like there is residue on my hands – or I touch the duvet and I can feel the product for example.


This is lightly scented and I’ve been trying to find what it officially is, personally it’s like a raw cocoa butter scent with a slight honey whiff. I totally recommend this if you want to make your feet look a little better if you suffer like me with dry heels, whilst it doesn’t get rid of built up hard skin, it makes the foot look better which for me is half of the battle. If you suffer with really dry hands and have been thinking of trying it do give it ago too, don’t let my non-liking of residue hand-creams put you off!


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Helpless Whilst Drying



13 thoughts on “The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Hand & Foot Butter

  1. I have this product! To be honest, I think I bought it because I love the package! Did I need this? Probably not 🙈 Do I like this? Yes, yes I do. The scent is nice and it does excellent work with dry patches on my feet 👌

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