My Fiance Does the £20 Makeup Shopping Challenge

I’ve had this idea in my head for months, I’ve never seen anyone do this before – so if it’s been done and I’m not crediting you I apologise. I came up with an idea that would challenge Ben my Fiance to get me a face of makeup for £20, with no clues as to what he needed to buy to make a ‘full face’. It was the best 20 minutes of my life, Ben was shopping for makeup again, although he found the whole experience very stressful, so I can’t see it happening again soon.

I was on hand in the store to be there for him to swatch things on and attempt to colour match me. I also told him brands to avoid to save time (i.e if you spend much more time looking at Max Factor you’ll waste your time as your money will not go far), but other than that he had no clues from me! I was also the person keeping a running total of the basket and due to my fault of things going in and out and being unable to keep up with how much everything was, I thought Ben had spent £19.60, when he had spent £20.40, but I’m sure that we can forgive him/me for that!

I was actually quite surprised at how well he did, I was half expecting to end up with an unwearably bright eyeshadow palette (cause boys be boys) but he actually kept the makeup pretty simple!


Ben had the logic down, he said I’m going to start at the bottom and I was pleasantly surprised that he both knew what a primer was and knew he needed it first. If I had been doing a £20 shopping challenge I probably would have skipped the primer in all honesty, but he bought he MUA Pro-Base Moisturising Primer (£4).


Next up was foundation, this is where the most struggle seemed to happen for Ben trying to find the right shade, he ended up with the Collection Colour Match Foundation (£3.99) in the shade, personally I thought this was really, really dark and he was paying no attention to my facial expressions at this point which were ‘OMG, I’m not an orange’.


 From foundation the natural next step is eyeliner of course and after much debating over which one to go for, Ben chose the MUA one which was £1, comes with a handy sharpener on the top too,  not a bad choice.


He then went to mascara which again caused a lot of deliberation he was studying the Rimmel diagrams and then my lashes to decide which I might need, before realising the buy one get one half price deal on Rimmel made things not as cheap as hoped. He ended up in Collection with a Mascara described as fast stroke and defining – I think he wasn’t paying enough attention to how volumised my lashes looked as this wouldn’t have been the one I chose!


He stayed on eyes and picked up an eyeshadow palette without a second look, if I was him I would have maybe gone to Makeup Revolution as they were the same price, you get more choice and there’s a much wider range of colours to choose from, but he opted for the Undressed palette from MUA (£4) which is their dupe for the Naked 1 Palette.


Ben lucked out when it came to this palette I think as he said after ‘I don’t know what it was for but I guessed you needed it’, This Makeup Revolution Palette was £3.50 and included a highlight, blush and bronzer, this is in the shade ‘light/medium’ and looks really, really orange – hey at least it should match the foundation. This would have been a better choice if he opted for the other colour way which had a proper blush, rather than this shimmer bronzer, and everything was more cool toned/less orange.


Finally he remembered a lip product, I was wondering at one point if he was going to remember as he didn’t seem to be paying any attention to lip products going up and down, but again had much deliberation between which shade to choose, he was looking closely at my lips (a deep neutral mauve matte liquid lipstick from Sleek), and I said you don’t have to pick things the same as what I’m wearing. Naturally that meant Shade 9 then from MUA, a metallic/frost Rose Goldish shade. He was doing so well until that.


 Given there wasn’t many deals on in Superdrug when we visited I think Ben did well to get all that he got. Unless there was a 3 for 2 offer on I don’t think I could have got a lot more items out of the shop unless I shopped exclusively at MUA or Makeup Revolution. There was no powder, or brow product the only thing I would have done differently (other than maybe a few shade choices) would be to swap the primer and buy a powder and brow product instead!


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23 thoughts on “My Fiance Does the £20 Makeup Shopping Challenge

  1. This is such a fun idea!!! He really did do very well. I know what you mean about boys and palettes. Josh is constantly going for the Barbie blue when I ask him what color he likes


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  2. My SO has absolutely no idea how much makeup costs. I mentioned once that a lipstick cost $30 and he was like “WHAT?” I thought it was $5! 😛 Oh if only he knew.
    Haha so hilarious he bought a non-essential item like a primer! Guys think so much in terms of painting or construction when they think of makeup – I’ve watched enough “my husband does my makeup” to see the pattern.
    Sounds like Ben really took this seriously! lol at his examination of your lashes and what formula you’d need. But OIY on the metallic lipstick… although, it IS quite on trend for Autumn! He must have been reading fashion magazines! 😉

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    1. I did say, you must have been reading something that said frost lipsticks were coming back to fashion! He then said he wished he had got another one which he liked more but that I’d put him off by saying you don’t have to pick the same as what I’m wearing!
      Initially when I suggested the idea he thought I was going to make him spend his own money and that there wouldn’t have been a budget and was up for it, clearly I’m too nice for telling him that he could spend my money but there was a budget ha!
      I’m going to get him to do a guess the price of my favourite every day products next, I think his expectations on cost might be waivered from having such a tight budget!


  3. Love the idea, and the Collection shades are super dark anyway. I picked up their porcelain shade for it without testing (silly me), and it was at least 4 shades darker than there normal fair/porcelain – so it might not be his fault haha. I wrote and email to complain on the shade name and I got a love2shop voucher in return.
    I’d love to see how you end up finding what he brought.

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  4. I should make my husband do this lol. And I had hoped to see that he would do your makeup. Maybe you can do that next time if he’s up for it? Lol. I’m still trying to get my hubby to do it a second time. 🙂


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