Milani Plumrose Lipstick – Swatch & Review

Milani was one of the few brands I wanted to check out in the New York Drugstores when I went last week – I don’t know if I was unlucky because we didn’t really shop anywhere other than the heart of Manhattan tourist hot spots or whether this is a regular occurrence – but out of the 3 Duane Reeds and 1 CVS I went to – the Milani stand in particular was severely picked over.


Plumrose was a shade which I gravitate towards straight away – which was a recurring theme on the trip as everything I bought in New York was beautiful rosey nudes – this one as the name would suggest has a slight plum undertone to it too. Plumrose has a beautiful glossy sheened finish, which feels moisturising on the lips – but without the feeling that it’s going to budge or smudge everywhere – it’s the perfect balance of being moisturising but not overly creamy. After about an hour the shininess fades down and leaves a satin lipstick in it’s place that looks nice and glossy.


As Plumrose wears it only gets better – the sheen fades away gracefully and leaves you with an almost – but not quite – matte lip which just looks gorgeous. I’ve had a few compliments when it’s freshly applied but more when it’s dried down after an hour. It’s well pigmented and has great staying power too – after 3 -4 hours it’s still on the lips. It doesn’t last fantastically through eating, but it does fine with drinking.


We’re now able to get Milani in the UK online from Milani themselves (Hurrah!)- and I’ll be getting some more of this line, at only £5.99 each these are a bargain – and I was also eyeing some blushes, but there were no shades left on the stands that interested me, so an online order will happen soon! I recently picked up on of their liquid lipsticks and I’ll be buying more & reporting back on them ASAP!

What are your favourite Milani products that  I should try out?


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44 thoughts on “Milani Plumrose Lipstick – Swatch & Review

  1. Great colour choice! I received a bright pink colour from a giveaway and have been to chicken to wear it yet. I might have to mix it with a nudey colour to mute it down. I’ve heard the formula is amazing… makes me wonder why we ever pay more money for high end makeup! 😉

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  2. Duane Reed doesn’t have a lot of Milani products (I don’t know why) I look forward to go there because of TheBalm cosmetics which unfortunately CVS and other drugstores here doesnt carry. But this lipstick shade yoy got is so pretty.. Looks perfect on you.. Milani products are the best!

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    1. There was one Duane Reade that had a big display of Milani, but it looked like the apocolypse was on it’s way and the stand had been raided – there was so many colours and products sold out completely and I found that to be the same everywhere when it came to Milani for some reason! Yes I loved seeing a few Balm products in there, whilst I didn’t buy any I have added some on my hitlist as we can get it here relatively easily now! We didn’t venture far enough out to go to a CVS, Duane Reades really have a monopoly on the city centre 😦 Next time!

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      1. Yes, Duane is the related to Walgreens which is what we have here but completely different from Duane’s products.. They have better selection too but a little bit pricey.. I don’t even recall seeing CVS down at the city or maybe not at Manhattan anyway.. Hehe


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