China Glaze Turned Up Turqoise Swatch and Review

I’ve been inspired by Stashy’s endeavour to review a polish a week – this year there’s been a serious lack of nail polish reviews from me. As a blog that started as a purely nail varnish reviews for the first 10 months or so, that’s a bit of an embarrassment with about three of them since Christmas. Today I’ve got a relatively new polish to my collection – China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, originally released way back in 2008 as part of their Ink collection, I found it for a mere £3 in Sally’s on clearance.

The shade is absolutely perfect for the hot spell we had a few weeks ago, and I’ve had these pictures lingering since then but hadn’t had chance to get this post edited! I’d normally think of turquoise shades as blue with just a hint of green, but this feels the total other way around to me. A tropical green with blue undertones. Depending on the light you catch this in it has a slight blue shimmer to it to which has proved – yep you guessed it – really hard to capture, it seems most obvious under the bright spot lighting of my bathroom, yet in sunshine it just looks like a flat cream. It’s elusive, it’s like a secret only me and it know about. My camera doesn’t seem to want to pick up on the right tone of this at all – so I’ve had to photoshop the pictures post taking them to make sure the colour was representative of how it looked in the bottle and on the nails. Other swatches I’ve seen seem to look much more blue which isn’t how it looks to me at all.


The finish of it sans topcoat is absolutely horrible, it’s not glossy at all and has this horrible semi satin matte finish that makes it look really, really dull. Any topcoat brings it back to life and makes it look bright, and the one I’ve been using is the Orly Epix one – still testing it out to see if it’s as incredible as I suspect it is.


This polish comes with more problems in the form of peeling. My god this doesn’t last well without a base coat at all (I’d lost my Base coat the first few times I used it!), within a day 8 nails had peeled clean off. With  a base coat the situation is slightly better, but it still seemed to chip quickly (1-2 days) rather than peeling clean off, even with topcoats which always have amazing performace. It’s such a shame as this polish has everything going for it in terms of colour, it’s a perfect bright tropical shade and feels very on trend with all the banana palm type prints that are everywhere at the moment! Sadly I can’t see this getting pulled out again.

Can you spot the shimmer?

If you can think of a shade that you have that’s similar to this and has better performance, PLEASE let me know, I adore this shade and will be on a hunt to find something similar!

P.S I’m now on snapchat, I have no idea how it works but be friends with me please and snapchat me telling me what to do ha! (Username: helplessdrying)


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21 thoughts on “China Glaze Turned Up Turqoise Swatch and Review

      1. Really? I love them, though I only have the coconut line. They last me for over a week with no top coat (because I can honestly never be bothered) and over 2 weeks on my toes!


  1. Oh too bad about the performance! I wore a China Glaze polish last week and the wear time was stellar! I was amazed.
    I don’t own a ton of green / teals so I don’t have a dupe to recommend! All of my green / teals are from Illamasqua, maybe check them out?


      1. I think Barry M has a shade similar to this but you explained it so well I’m not if it’s exactly the same haha & Iv never tried the China Glaze polishes but Iv been told quite a few times that they peel and now Iv seen this I know they definitely won’t work for me haha so thank you😉

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      2. Oh I guess some are though aren’t they haha, I did read somewhere that someone used a top coat and it completely stopped the colour from peeling, but I can’t remember for the life of me what it was called haha xxx

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