Love Me Beauty August 2016

Some of you might have been around long enough to remember that all of last year I was subbed to a service called Love Me Beauty. A beauty box which gave you a certain amount of credits each month to spend how you like on their boutique of selections. In December I made the decision to unsubscribe but have kept a watchful eye over what they’ve had in each month, a few months back I was re-tempted by their Make Up For Ever items as a one off, and when I received an offer for a half price box this month and a couple of items that were tempting for me, it was a no brainer to sub to get these for a fiver.


So for who want a little more explanation on the subscription, its £10 a month + P&P (£3.95). That gives you 60 credits to spend, items are anywhere between 5 credits (usually sample sized sachets), to 15-25 credits for full sized items. If there happens to be a few more items you’d like to try than your credits allow you can buy extra credit packages (which you don’t have to spend all at once) which start at £5. Usually you see several selections from 3-5 new brands on a monthly basis, and anything left over from previous months is available in this months box – which means if you’ve scored something you’ve loved the month before and want to get another, then there’s a chance you can stock up.


There was a decent chunk of Pixi items to try including their popular glow tonic which I’ve had a bottle of waiting for try for a few months! I think this is either a recent launch, or it’s just had a lot of hype recently – but I’ve heard some great things about their lip polish (15 credits) so it was the one I chose to pick up from the bunch.


Next up was a brush set from Eco Tools, I actually ordered these before buying my my ones from Real Techniques. But these offered really good value for money, EcoTools had been a brand I was wanting to try and I’ve been desperate to get my hands on a fan brush, so naturally it seemed like the good choice. There were a few different sets available but I opted for the Day to Night Collection (25 credits), which features two face brushes and three for the eyes.


I actually totally forgot what the third item I ordered was and now I’m not sure why I made the decision I did. I don’t ever self tan, but I ordered the Vita Liberata Phenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse (20 credits), I actually have another one of these arriving in another beauty box (this time I didn’t pick it) so I’ve got a duplicate of a product that’s unlikely to be used so I’ll be giving one of them away. Whilst I hear amazing things about Vita Liberata, and like the idea of self tanning, I know in reality it’s something I’m highly unlikely to do – although that 2-3 week promise is intriguing.

All brands available in this months boutique were Percy and Reed, Vita Liberata, Ecotools, Argentum, Madara, Pixi, Lord & Berry, Nuxe and Dr Lipp.

Unfortunately that code I signed up with has now expired, but should you want to subscribe you can use the code ‘RACHA549’ which will give you extra credits with your first box for extra treats. at the time I’m writing this, everything I’ve featured is still available.

If you want to see more about the subscription and see a good overview of previous months boxes, then you can click here to browse my past unboxing and subscriptions! Also if you haven’t seen yesterday’s post about the latest new beauty box on the block, Tili from QVC you can read about it here too (it’s a good ‘un).


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14 thoughts on “Love Me Beauty August 2016

  1. Hah – love the saying on the bag! So appropriate for today. Those EcoTools brushes look really awesome, too.
    It’s too bad you don’t self-tan – the beauty box is a pretty good deal considering how much Vita Liberata items cost!

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  2. I really enjoy ecotools brushes, I think they’re quite an underrated brand for drugstore makeup! Sure they don’t compare to some other high end brands but I feel like they do the job 🙂
    Kathy x

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