You Beauty July 2016

You Beauty is a beauty box which I’ve admired from afar. In terms of it’s value it’s just about the best you can get in the UK if you’re looking for a truly inexpensive treat each month at £6.95. It lacks the surprise factor, with a selection of products that you choose from each month. In July I saw an unboxing video and had to subscribe, there was an item in there I’d been itching to try and it was worth far more alone than the cost of the box.

Up until recently the box for £6.95 included 2 items that you picked yourself, this could be anything from makeup, haircare, nails or skincare – with a few extra items which you don’t get to choose also included. They’ve expanded their line up so you now have the option to pick 3 items at £8.95 a month, or 4 items for £10.95, which is weirdly worse value than the 3 item box.


Because I could see everything available this month, there was 3 items I had my eye on, annoyingly between myself placing the order and me getting to pick the items one of the items had gone out of stock (an Alpha H serum that I’ve heard amazing things about). So my third item was a bit of a ehhh, I gotta pick something – so let’s start with

M&S Rosie for Autograph Nuit Perfume, I was expecting this to be way smaller than it was but was actually pleasantly surprised with the size of the sample that arrived. It’s probably not a fragrance I would buy, but it’s not unpleasant either, with deep musky floral notes it’s definitely a nice choice for the evening – I think I’ll save this for my trip to Milan in

White Rabbit Coconut and Lime Cleansing Water This had me intrigued as lime isn’t an ingredient that you tend to think of when it comes to cleansing products. The name white Rabbit rings a bell, and the accompanying card tells me that this is a vegan friendly line with no animal testing what so ever. I love the packaging of this – it feels like something unique!


And finally the reason for the order, a full size Illamasqua Precision Ink liner in Abyss worth a whopping £20.95. I’ve heard great things about this liquid liner and I’m sure my one from theBalm is going to run out at any moment, over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that despite my one from theBalm shows no sign of drying up – it seems to have started to smudge which it never used to do so I think the formula seems to be on it’s way out – but considering it’s lasted since November it’s had an incredible run! This actually reminds me a lot of Schwing – the nib is very similar in size and is the same tapered felt ended nib, and is easy to create a smooth line which dries down matte. So excited to try this expect a review soon!you-beauty-box-july-2016-review-illamasqua-precision-ink-abyss-swatch


The extra items included this month was a sample of the in shower tan from St Tropez in the newly launched shade Medium (I still haven’t tried out the one I got last year when it launched… whoops), and a £2 off voucher to purchase in Boots. There was also a £10 off voucher for White Rabbit skincare, given their products fall between being £4 & £19 I will be looking into this further once I’ve had chance to try out their cleansing  water!you-beauty-box-july-2016-review-unboxing

Whilst I do think this box was great value for money, it was a one time thing for me having seen what the line up for next months box is already I decided to unsub as I wasn’t excited about the line up. I have seen that they have the previous months ‘discoveries’ left in there so these may still be available – so especially if you want to grab the illamasqua liner, as that would be amazing value!


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22 thoughts on “You Beauty July 2016

      1. I picked the body shop body butter and the facial mist 😊 I wish I’d seen the July one before I’d of definitely gotten that one too! Can’t believe it included an illamasqa eye liner!

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    1. I’m not sure if I will review this actually, haven’t used self tan in years and given the fact I’ve not used the other tube I’ve had since September last year I’m not hopeful on getting round to it, plus I’ve just got back from holiday and that’ll mean I’ll be tanned for the next 6 months as mine takes ages to fade! I don’t like the fact with these you have to stand for 15 minutes out of the shower!

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      1. I can see your point and I m also so jealous of your tan ☺️ I m going to Greece in the end of the month and I m SOOO pale while all my friends there will be chocolaty so I m desperately looking for a solution as I m not so keen on sunbeds! Have never really used self tan though (apart from the Garnier body milk one) so I m not sure I ll ever get round to it! 😘

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      2. The one I have on hand for emergency situations is the cocoa brown one, it’s a moose and is is really easy to not streak, and you can leave it on for an hour if you just want a light dglow, but I usually sleep in it overnight – find it lasts about a week. I’ve heard if you’re in the water with these st tropez ones constantly like pools or the sea – they don’t hold up too long

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  1. I don’t mind not having a surprise factor – I like getting to chose what I want! 😛
    The White Rabbit Coconut and Lime Cleansing Water is intriguing! I hope it at least smells like coconut and lime!
    And oooh an Illamasqua item – what good value this box is!

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