Boots Loyalty Points Mini Spree

I decided to splash a few of my ever growing Boots loyalty points this week, there were a few items that I had been eyeing up, and wanted in particular to get for my trip abroad at the end of the week!

Essie Gel Couture – Topcoat and Model Citizen (£9.99 Each – 2 for £14.99)


I’d normally turn to my gel lamp for giving me a manicure that will last for a trip away, but for some reason my lamp seems to have stopped curing polish properly and it can flake off in a few days! The New Essie Gel Couture like is normal polish promising to deliver a gel like shine without the lamp and a 14 day wear time. I found it hard choosing a colour and really wanted to see them in person but the stands near me have had signs for the line for about a month – but not actually had the polishes come in! I chose the shade Model Citizen as it looks a) really close to a gel shade I’ve been wearing on my toes, and b) It’s a lovely shade of pink with a lilacy undertone which I can never get enough of! I’ve heard really positive reviews of this line so far so I will report back on how I find it!

NYX Prismatic Shadows in Golden Peach and Fireball (£5.50 Each)


Two more shadows from NYX, and guess what – another Peach shade! I was googling the swatches of the Prismatic line and fell in love with both of these. Golden Peach is a gorgeous shimmering peach, and Fireball is a terracotta, it’s not a pure red, but has hints of orange into it. I want to start getting more creative with my eyeshadow and I think this is a nice starting point, not too far from a neutral tones but different.

NYX Brow Pomade in Espresso (£5.50)


I’m really late to the brow pomade game, I’m not entirely sure that it’s gonna be my thing, the drawn on brow look is great, but I feel like it’s going to emphasise my naturally wonky brows more by making them overly defined. Therefore splashing out on cult favourite from ABH was a no no for me, but this one from NYX is really well reviewed so I thought I’d give the concept a go with a cheap alternative first.

That’s it – I told you it was mini! I’ve actually used everything in this haul over the weekend and I really like everything! So keep your eyes peeled for posts and reviews once I’ve had chance to try things more thoroughly.


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26 thoughts on “Boots Loyalty Points Mini Spree

  1. Those eyeshadows look gorgeous! I’m picking out shades for my Z Palette right now and I swear I picked about 6 shades just like those but made myself cool it and only choose 3 haha. I’m looking forward to hearing how you like the Essie Gel polishes, I’ve been eyeing them up!

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  2. I’m currently on day 9 of the Essie Gel Couture mani – will be reporting back next week!
    Are you sure those NYX eye shadows aren’t dupes of what you got from Inglot!? 😛


      1. WHAT are you using your nails for? Can opener?!! Both my left and right hands are without a single chip, just tip wear and growth at the base.


      1. Interesting. Do you remember roughly when they launched in the UK? Still haven’t seen them around here and I am getting frustrated.


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