Helpless Diaries – Wedding Planning #3

Firstly. This is my 600th post – thank you if you’ve read one or six hundred posts of mine… If you have read all six hundred (god help you) and let me know so I can post you your medal!

My wedding planning series has taken an unintentional long pause. The past few months feel like they’ve flown by in a whirlwind. There’s been moments of progress but there’s still so much to sort. It’s driving me nuts thinking about how much there is still to go. We’re coming into August and that marks the point where I was planning on starting the big dress hunt, which I don’t feel mentally ready for!

Engagement Shoot


We had our engagement/test shoot with our photographer Charlotte and I couldn’t be happier with how the pictures have turned out. We included the poochies with us in our shoot and have got some great pictures to actually get framed and put up in the house, something we rarely do!

Wedding Cars

We’ve started looking at Wedding cars and have found one that we like. If I’m being honest I struggle to really give a shit about what type of wedding car we have, If it wasn’t for the distance we have between the church and the venue (about 20-30 minutes on a 60mph road) I would just book the cheapest thing I saw. But we need to be considerate about it being open top – getting rained on/my hair blowing everywhere. We have seen one which I prefer over a second option that Ben has found and we’re just awaiting to hear back from them as to whether they’re available!

Wedding Planner


Toad Diaries kindly let me pick out another diary at the Bloggers Ball and I opted for making my own wedding planner version to keep us organised with when payments are due and appointments. It’s also got a to-do list down one side so I can list ideas or things I want to look into each week! You can create your own by visiting

Save The Dates


The Save the dates have left the building and all I say is that I’m not attempting foiling anything again. I had 60 spare Save the Dates and I ruined every one of them. So essentially what I did was design the save the dates and had them printed online on a pearl card I fell in love with, I left the date off and added that on my toner printer at my parents house so the foil would stick to the toner. It worked nicely about 1 out of five times. When I come to do the full invites, there will be no foiling in sight.



We started looking into cake people as I’d had a little look and there was very few people that I actually liked the look of locally, so wanted to find someone and get them booked before someone else did. We booked a flavour tasting with one and was instantly sold – she got that we wanted something colourful to match our wedding colours rather than just the standard plain white! We also wanted a selection of flavours to try and please everybody – I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate or fruit cake – whilst ben loves them both. We’ve opted for a fruit cake, black forest cake and raspberry ripple. We’ve got a fake tier on top cause I wanted it to look big and fancy but didn’t actually need that much cake! We’ve got a bottom tier of purple ombre roses, two rough painted tiers with a metallic lilac, and tier that’s hand painted with the pattern of our save the dates

On the list to sort next: Food (actually pay the deposit!) – I spoke about our choices in the last wedding update, Entertainment, Wedding Car (Choose and Book), Makeup Artist (Found one but not taking bookings to August), start the invites and wedding website & wedding dress shopping.

If you’d like to read through my other wedding planning posts you can click here to have a nosy at the venue and what we’re planning to do with the catering for the day!


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33 thoughts on “Helpless Diaries – Wedding Planning #3

  1. It’s lovely to read about your wedding planning, because then I know what to expect. Only thing we have decided is that it will be in the summer, but probably not yet next year.
    Good luck with everything 🙂


    1. I knew I wanted to get on with it as quick as we could as we’ve already been together for 10 years before he proposed… and I’ve been nagging for about 8 of those! Our venue only does 10 weddings a year, and luckily we managed to get the last slot for the next year as they had 9 booked up for 2017 by February 2016!
      Good luck too 🙂


      1. We’ve been together 11 years :), we’ve been engaged now for a year. But we’ll have to wait a bit more, since I’ve just moved back to my home country and have quite few things to get sorted. Thank you 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh geez. I love reading your wedding plans but it makes me never want to plan a wedding. There’s so much to do I’d have a melt down😂 Love your cake. It’s nice to see the different flavours you’ve chose x


      1. There is a lot to sort. It’s all the stuff to do before hand that’s hard. I’m sure the actual day will be wonderful. When do you get married?x


  3. Everything looks so lovely! I can’t wait to see how all of your choices come together.
    I absolutely love your cake, it looks so whimsical! We haven’t booked our cake yet since there’s no shortage of good cake designers/bakeries here to choose from, but we’re also doing painted/watercolour flowers on ours like your top layer, to match with our watercolour theme.
    The engagement shoot is adorable – love that people are including their furbabies in them these days! Will they be a part of the wedding too?


    1. Highly likely they will be no where near our big day, the beagle can’t really be trusted. We may look at having them bought over for a few pictures but I don’t think we want to worry about keeping them occupied for any longer than that! There’s a few bakeries around here but most were about £300 more for a similar cake!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Engagement pictures are just so cheesy by nature. I can’t help but tease you about these! 😛
    The cake design looks lovely! More importantly, the CAKE sounds delicious! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I should probably bookmark your wedding planning for later. I’m already married but hubby and I had a super small and intimate wedding that I honestly wasn’t please with due to our budget, but I would like to have a bigger party/celebration in five years to renew our vows. 🙂


  6. the engagement photos look fab, and all the planning sounds really exciting (if not slightly stressful too, lol!). Best of luck organising – looking forward to reading your updates 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. This sounds like so much fun (particularly cake testing 😉
    Love the engagement photos, you both look amazing and so happy.


  8. OMG HOW FUN! I loved planning my wedding. Congratulations to you! And your engagement photos are beautiful and natural and look candid. They way they should. They capture your happiness. It’s quite beautiful to look at.


  9. Hi. I absolutely love your cake designs! & what’s a bloggers ball? Love your wedding planning book! I’m new to blogging and planning my UK wedding. Hopefully I can find tips from more experienced bloggers!! Do take a look at mine and I’ll appreciate any tips! Thanks @confettiheelsblog


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