Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Shower Jelly Review

After a bad experience with a Soap and Glory cleanser in my Uni days which caused an allergic reaction and took six months for my skin to recover – I’ve proceeded with caution when it comes to their products. When I saw their newest body care launch in the form of shower jellies it had me intrigued and I decided to pick one up as I had actually finished every shower gel in my possession.

The Shower Jelly is available in their two trademark scents, the classic pink fragrance and their Sugar Crush fragrance which is way more up my street with sweet lime and kiwi juices.

I know this is controversial, but I’m not really a fan of the Soap and Glory, or Benefit packaging for the most part. That faux vintage style never appeals to me, I like stuff to be genuinely vintage looking – so picky! (But I do for the most part like theBalm’s packaging, go figure brain!). One thing I do like about this is that picture, I have genuinely no idea what the hell is happening on top of her head.

Am I the only one who has no idea what’s happening on her head?

The texture of this is very much like a jelly squeezing it out I was expecting it to be like a thick gel, but it does have a true jelly wobble as you hold it in your hand. I love the scent of this, it’s fresh and awakening, even though I’m more of an evening shower gal due to how long it takes my hair to dry!

Massaging into the skin this suds up without becoming to foamy. There’s something refreshing about how this feels on the skin. I need a bit longer to test and see if it is this – but I think this is another S&G product that I’m having a reaction to, albeit less than last time. I’ll keep you updated but I’ve noticed little bumps appearing all over my arms – it’s not really visible to the eye, but when I’m rubbing my hands over my arms I can feel them. The only reason I can think that it is this because there’s nothing else that’s new in my routine at all that I can think it would be. That being said I’ve seen many a positive review on this so far, and I’m sure I’m in a minority. I definitely don’t have sensitive skin, other than Lavender – and that one S&G product in the past I never have allergic reactions, so I wouldn’t say you need to proceed with caution if S&G products normally agree with you and you have sensitive skin!

If you’ve tried this let me know what you think!


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12 thoughts on “Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Shower Jelly Review

  1. I love soap and glory, obsessed with their body creams, but haven’t used the shower jelly. I love how honest you are with your review and hoping your not having a reaction 😦 I’m sending good skin vibes



  2. I love this shower jelly. I’ve got to review it soon as it smells so good. It’s a shame you react to their products, I have the same issue with Sanctuary’s stuff x


  3. Such a shame that you are having such bad luck with S&G. I really want to try the shower jellies, as I thought these may make a nice alternative to the LUSH ones which are really difficult to use.
    Lucie xo |


  4. I agree about the packaging – too kitschy for my taste. Some days I feel the same about theBalm’s packaging too!
    Is that some sort of bowl on her head? Hmmm.
    I was really turned off S&G by the scent of their Hand Food, which most people rave about. And I thought that was their signature scent so I didn’t bother with their stuff until I learned that they have a variety of scents!
    Too bad this might also be causing a skin reaction – does it have orange or citrus oils? I know that sometimes I react to that, especially if it’s in a product that is left on my skin, and not rinsed away.


    1. Some of the balms does make me feel like it, I dislike the instain blushes in particular!
      A bowl but you can see her hair… Weird! I don’t like the original scent either! I don’t know about the citrus oils I presume so but I don’t have a problem with original source citrus products!


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