NYX On The Spot Review

I know I’m not the only one who has gone a bit NYX crazy since it’s launch in the UK. It’s a whole new range to discover and my local store has a massive range to try out. I’d been out of a spot cleanser for a good 6 weeks or so and my brushes have been need of a clean ever since, but I’ve not had time to wash them properly and wait for them to dry.

When I spotted the NYX On The Spot spot cleanser it went I my basket straight away. I sat down on Sunday afternoon to do some semi-theraputeic mindless brush cleaning on the sofa whilst watching Prison Break on Netflix and immediately I was disappointed.

Compared to others that I’ve tried in the past from the likes of Makeup Revolution and Freedom this was both smaller in size (slightly) and more expensive than a few £s – so my expectations were already a little higher. I found that I was spraying, and spraying and things just weren’t getting clean no matter how many times I kept reapplying.

The below brush is a Sephora Pro buffing brush (I think – the name has all rubbed off and I’ve had it for about three years). I use it to apply bronzer into my cheekbones to contour before going it with something fluffier to blend it out, but I like the initial precision it gives. The pictures below are after only two days of use as It had just been cleaned – so it wasn’t super caked in makeup. You can see from the pictures below just how bad a job it did of cleaning and it’s the same story when it comes to eyeshadow. I’ve cleaned my most regularly used brushes once (about 15 at absolute most, and most of those are shadow so small in comparison) and half of the bottle is already gone. I went in with 30 sprays on one brush – doing 5 pumps at a time before swirling on a kitchen towel as I would with any other. 30 sprays is ridiculous and it still wasn’t actually clean.


Overall this gets a big fat thumbs down for me and I’ll be going back to the Makeup Revolution one asap! If you have any other recommendations though please let me know if you have a spot cleaner that works well, and is preferably inexpensive too!


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30 thoughts on “NYX On The Spot Review

  1. Sucks that this didn’t work well! I have also been quite skeptical about it as I haven’t heard amazing reviews so good thing I read this post before purchasing 🙂
    Kathy x


  2. I swear by Johnson’s Baby shampoo. It’s not a quick clean as you have to let your brushed dry a few hours but it always gets the makeup off the fibers and doesn’t destroy your main brush head



  3. I never thought to use Dr Bronners, I’ll have to give that a try instead of repurchasing baby shampoo! Bummer this one isn’t doing its job but thanks for your review, I’ll avoid this next time I’m shopping NYX.

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  4. Well that sucks. I don’t really trust cleaner sprays or any other product out there that’s marketed to clean my makeup brushes. I use Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Hemp Pure Castille Soap. A couple drops in 1/4 – 1/2 cup of warm water and it cleans all of my brushes including my beauty sponge. This stuff is gonna last me forever!


  5. So surprising, you really don’t see many negative reviews of NYX products. Although I really didn’t like the Soft Matte Lip Creams so who am I to talk! I like the B. one from Superdrug as well but to be honest, for face brushes I don’t think any spray gets them clean enough. I always prefer to wash them, even if it does take ages. I just find that no matter what I use they go exactly like yours in the picture. But I like B.s one for more frequent cleaning for eye brushes! 🙂

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    1. Yeah me too! I much prefer sitting down – but it can take me about an hour being cooped up on the bathroom, and I find our lovely British weather doesn’t always mean they’ll dry that quickly, so find a spot brush an essential side piece for quickly cleaning down an eye brush so I can dip it into a different shadow!

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  6. I applaud your resolve to use this. 30 squirt? You got to be kidding me! (also, squirt is funny word) I rarely use spot cleaning for my brushes. I’d rather just get a fresh brush!

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    1. Me too for the most part, I think I need to start getting some duplicates of the ones I reach for most! I love the makeup geek ones I got recently and they’re pretty much the only ones I reach for for eyes at the moment! Trouble with washing brushes here is that we can rarely rely on the weather to dry brushes in a prompt manner!


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