The Body Shop Haul July 2016

When the Body Shop do a big sale online, I always like to wait it out for a few weeks – it’s often followed with a hefty discount code for everything in the store and this time, and I wasn’t wrong when the sale recently rolled round, with 40% off pretty much everything including sale I took the opportunity and stocked up on a few things I needed.

Vineyard Peach & Early Harvest Raspberry Shower Gels (In sale £3 each £1.80 with discount)


I’d just bought a new Shower Jelly from Soap and Glory, but apart from that I’ve now all but depleted my stash from my Bathroom. When I saw Vineyard Peach in the sale I picked that up as I already knew I loved that fragrance, and have just finished up one that’s currently in my massive empties stash waiting to be used. It wasn’t until it arrived that I realised I had previously had the Raspberry one too – Raspberry is one of my fave flavours and scents and will be the next one in rotation for sure.

Africa Honey & Beeswax Hand & Foot Butter (In Sale £7 – £4.20 with discount)


I’ve not heard of this before, but have heard of the Africa range – my feet are always in need of some nourishment in the summer due to wearing sandals 90% of the time.

Raspberry Body Scrub (In Sale £6.50 – £3.90 with discount)


I’ve wanted to try this since I started getting into the body shop. Again raspberry = my fave scent, and it looks like you could spread it on toast so it has me intigued. I genuinely fear a little bit trying to eat this in the shower. I’ve been hoping for it to come into the sale so I’ve never bought it, but I’m glad I finally have it to try!

Spa Fit Smoothing & Refining Body Scrub (In Sale £7 – £4.20 with discount)


Another scrub, cause who can have too many right? Another range that I’d not heard of before was the Spa Fit range, there were a few bits in the sale but just stuck with the scrub, comes in a cute little mason jar style and is described as being citrus with grapefruit and lemons – but is overwhelmingly just lemons for me. Over time this is supposed to firm the skin whilst exfoliating, I can’t imagine i’ll use this long enough to notice if it does as I always like to try new scrubs, but I’ll report back in due course if so.

Glazed Apple Body Scrub (In Sale £6 – £3.60 with discount)


Another scrub! Oh this is my final one though, I haven’t gone completely mad. The Glazed Apple scent was the LE scent the Christmas just past and I loved it. I previously scoured the website for anything they had left of the Glazed Apple scents and this was the only one. Despite being their Christmas fragrance, I don’t think this is very Christmassy at all, it’s very fresh and a pure apple scent.

Textures of the three scrubs. Raspberry – very jelly/jam like. Spa Fit – weird, almost like a chutney or mustard with seeds – almost gooey. Glazed Apple, sugar scrub way more solid.

Seaweed Oil Balancing Clay Mask (£12 – £8.40 with Discount)


After such a massive success with their Blue Corn mask I wanted to try another from the range. I was torn between the three I don’t have the Vitamin E (moisturising), Tea Tree (Spot targetting) and this Seaweed one which is oil balancing. I genuinely had all three in my basket at one point but talked myself out of it and settled on the one to target my skins biggest problem oiliness. I was expecting this to smell awful but actually it’s pretty spa like and fresh.

Pinita Colada Body Sorbet (£8 – £4.80 with discount)


People have been going crazy for this years LE summer scent. Personally it doesn’t rival last year’s virgin mojito scent for me. I’m a big fan of the body sorbet formula and I’ve almost finished my last bottle, so decided to pick up this summer’s version. the scent on this is lighter than I was expecting,, but its fresh and summery nonetheless.

So that’s my haul – I had a few other things ordered but they were out of stock when it came to delivery so sadly I missed out on a few other goodies. As I’m writing this up it’s Saturday night and it’s going live on Sunday – the 40% off everything (ish) is still on – so it’s worth going to check it out now (especially if you were eyeing that incredible holy grail SPF I spoke about last week! The code you need is 14672.


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25 thoughts on “The Body Shop Haul July 2016

  1. Looks like a very successful haul! I especially like the looks of the hands & feet butter, and the Spa Fit body scrub. I recently picked up one of their scrubs, which looks like the blueberry version of the raspberry scrub you got.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg! 😍 I love this post, especially pictures! It was so fun and colourful to read it. Of course I am body shop fan too, so it isn’t difficult to impress me when it comes to The Body Shop. I love the seaweed clay mask. It does such a great job 👌 African foot cream is also the bomb 👍 And I just can’t not mention the raspberry body scrub. I prefer blueberry more but raspberry is also very similar. Great post! 😊


    1. Thank you! I must admit that I’m a big fan of the photos from this post too! When I was editing them last night, I was admiring how bright they were! It’s odd – about a year ago I hadn’t really tried anything from them, and now it’s the first place I turn to skincare! Looking forward to trying everything out!

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  3. I am completely obsessed with raspberry!!!!

    I used to use the raspberry body scrub and then it seemed to disappear for a while, so happy its back on the shelves


    Liked by 1 person

  4. Snap. I’ve ordered loads lately when their sales are on. I got the raspberry shower gel as I’ve never tried it. I looked at scrubs and wish I got sone now I’ve seen your post. Will you review them? Xx

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  5. Oooh you got the Glazed Apple Sugar Scrub – YUM! Eh you never never have too many scrubs – they get used up so quickly, you’re fine!
    I’m not too much of a fan of TBS’s sorbet formula – I feel like they’re less hydrating. I really like the Bath & Body Works version which is aloe based. But you don’t have BBW so I’ll shut up now! 😛
    Great haul! I picked up some stuff recently too. Still in transit, gah.

    Liked by 1 person

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