The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF Review

Something I’ve forever struggled with is facial SPFs – I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t always used one – mainly because finding one that works with my oily skin has basically proved impossible. Anything that makes my foundation slip and slide quicker than it already does, gets vetoed from my routine straight away. I’d heard Fleur de Force talk about this one which is hot off the press – The Body Shop Skin Defence – in a recent favourites, after seeing her compare it with one from Kiehl’s I had been thinking about buying. Given this – the cheaper one was in her faves, over the one double the price from Kiehl’s I decided to give it a whirl.

I’ve been guilty of relying on SPF in primers and foundations for the most part, which I’ve known has been bad but never found the one that does actually work with my skin. That will be the case no longer – I have found the perfect one, it’s official, we won’t be parted.

So let’s start with the basic info – this is a SPF 50 with PA++++ (which is the UVA rating where 4+ is the highest). This is pinned as multi-purpose essence, the formula is very thin, almost watery. The packaging looks nice – at £16 it does seem a little pricey for a high street option, but that being said you need mere drops of this to cover your face due to it’s consistency. It’s multi-protection claims extend further from both UVA and UVB protection – with antioxidant properties to help protect against environmental pollution, red algae extract and vitamin C which is added to combat dullness to the skin.


Something I’ve found with other SPFs in the past is that I’ve had to wait prior to applying my makeup for a sticky feeling to die away, with this it rubs in in an instant. Unlike others which seem to leave a slight shiny slick to the skin – this seems to change to my natural skin texture, something I’m happy about as it means wearing with no make up means I won’t end up looking like a big greaseball! This seems to make no difference to how long my makeup lasts (hallelujah!) – I’ve gone as far as testing on half my face a couple of times last week to see if it was as good as my initial thoughts.

Its size is perfect – it’s quite slim and the cap properly clicks into place meaning it will be great for keeping in your handbag for touching up and it’ll definitely be something I carry around with me at all times on holiday at the end of the month! The revamped Body Shop packaging is the icing on the cake to what’s already a perfect product – I love the simple white tube paired with the metallic pastel pink label. 100% Instagram Worthy.

If you’re in the market for a SPF – I’d really, REALLY, recommend this.

Let me know your favourites in the comments!


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25 thoughts on “The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF Review

  1. For me the opposite is true, SPFS make me look like a ghostly grease ball (even though I’ve got quite dry skin) so much so that I HAVE to put foundation on which of course looks worse!

    Does it say how much you need to use to get full protection?

    Thanks so much for this review….I think I’ll probably get some!


  2. i second your review. been using this since the last 2 weeks and i totally love it. i can see i will be using this for long until i find something which is better than this. good job body shop and great review!

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  3. I am a psycho with sunscreen 😂😂 I always put a ton on (spf30 or higher). Never leave the house without it since I was 13, even if I ‘shine’. When I lived in South Africa, we had blazing sun almost daily. After years of conditioning, I feel naked without it. 😂


  4. I’m totally picking this up next time I’m in a TBS store! I’ve been wanting a real SPF for my face, not just in my moisturizer and foundation and this seems perfect, especially since it isn’t sticky and greasy!

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  5. I really want to try this. I have super oily skin and it’s just such a challenge finding one that’s not either thick and cakey or really greasy. When you wore it under make up did you use a primer as well or use it as your primer??


  6. I’ve been on the hunt for a good sunscreen! I recently tried the drugstore route and got the Neutrogena Age Shield Face Lotion 70+, but it completely broke me out! I just got the Paula’s Choice Extra Care Non-Greasy sunscreen – hopefully this one works out better, but if not, this one looks like another great option!


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