Boots, Sally’s & The Body Shop Haul

I know – another bleeding haul! I guess that’s what happens straight after payday! I need to be goof with my money this month (from now!) so hopefully it will be the last one you’ll see from me this month! I popped into my local city over the weekend with a few things in mind that I wanted to get my hands on and made several stops along the way.

The Body Shop

Skin Defence SPF 50 PA++++ – £16


It was just a quick stop in and out into the Body Shop to pick up one item.. I’ve heard a few good things about this face SPF over the past few weeks and wanted to give it a try. With oily skin I find most facial SPFs can be really greasy feeling under makeup or even without. This is just about the lightest I’ve felt – and felt on par with the much more expensive one from Kiehl’s I’d also been pondering buying. It’s very thin and sinks straight into the skin, offering the highest possible protection with SPF 50 & PA++++.


Travel Minatures – 3 for £2


I was going to decant my shampoo and conditioner to take with me but when I spotted these I decided to pick these up instead. A mini shampoo and conditioner from Pantene, a brand which it’s been years since I’ve tried. And a teeny Organic Source Mango shower Gel.

Boots Essentials Refreshing Cucumber Wipes – £1


Always a travel essential for me – especially when it’s hot and you just need to refresh through the day. I also like carrying these as a multipurpose thing as you can always quickly wipe down a sticky surface if needed!

Soap and Glory Shower Jelly – £5.50


I’m finally through my shower gel stash – I haven’t bought a new shower gel since December – and have pretty much only used The Body Shop products for a year. I’d heard good things about the newly launched Shower Jelly’s from Soap and Glory and I’m still looking or the S&G product that will make me fall in love with it. I bought this with a cold so I’m not sure if this smells as good as it sounds – but I got the Sugar Crush scent, with kiwi & limewater juice, it sounds like a scent that will be up my street. They also do these in the classic ‘pink’ soap and glory scent. I had a 200 extra point perk for this so technically it cost me £3.50. Will keep you updated on this… once I’ve got my sense of smell back!

Benefit Gimme Brow – £18.50


I’ve been in dire need of repurchasing my Model Co More Brows for about a month, but was waiting to try out the one from Benefit, and wanted to wait for the one. As much as I love my More Brows – Model Co isn’t an easy brand to access here and you can only really order it online. I’ve said multiple times in all my Benefit reviews that similarily to S&G I’ve not found “the one” product from Benefit that will convert me to a fan. This looks really similar to my favourite, just with a slightly tapered and smaller brush.


NYX HD Concealer – Porcelain

NYX Sex Kitten Eyeshadow

My local “big Boots” has recently added a sizeable NYX stand to their store. I’d heard that you could get eyeshadow pans in store that weren’t available to order online, but sadly my store didn’t seem to have them – although it was so crazy busy I may have missed them! I picked up one single eyeshadow in the shade Sex Kitten (£3.50) – a light shimmery peach shade. In April I picked up the HD concealer (£5.50) in Porcelain which I love for brightening the eye area and contouring – I noticed the day I went to NYX in the morning I was starting to see that I was scraping the barrel with it. I haven’t gotten around to reviewing this yet, but I will do, it’s a firm favourite!

NYX On The Spot – Spot Brush Cleanser

Next up I spotted their On The Spot Brush Cleanser for spot cleaning brushes – I’ve been out of a spot cleanser for about two months and you can really tell as they need cleaning badly! I’ve not tried this before but I’ll report back and compare with others that I’ve tried in the past from Freedom and Makeup Revolution – at £8.50 it’s a little more pricey than those both too.

 nyx-instaflame-ombre-blush-beauty-haul-2016 nyx-intense-butter-gloss-toasted-marshmallow-beauty-haul-2016

Last two items were a bit on a whim – I picked up their Ombre Blush in the shade Insta flame (£9) – they had one which looked really similar to my Estee Lauder  Peach Witty/Peach Nuance ones and I’ll be tempted to see if those are a dupe for one another in future! There was no samples out so this was a total whim – it’s brighter than I’d usually pick! While I was in the massive queue I started swatching the Intense Butter Glosses – these really reminded me of the Rimmel Apocolips range which I love, and fell in love with the shade Toasted Marshmallow (£5.50) – super high pigmented and a glossy finish.



I have no idea what I actually purchased, I can only hope that it’s going to do what I wanted it to – the sales assistants were all busy to help me. I’ve not got time before I go away to visit the hairdressers to get my hair toned and it badly needs it, blue shampoos aren’t cutting it at the moment – I picked up this one from the brand Ion, in the shade blonde – it says tones on it, so I’m guessing it’s a toner – definitely going to do a small patch test before I do it all over though!

Lastly as I was walking to the till with my mystery potions, I spotted a load of China Glazes discounted to £1.80 each. I picked up 3 summer appropriate shades Urban Night – a deep purple, Turned Up Turquoise a bright turquoise with a subtle hint of shimmer and I Brake For Color – an orange based coral.

Marie Claire Magazine


I also thought it would be worth noting that this Month’s Marie Claire comes with a half size of the new Benefit Ready Set Brow – their clear brow gel. Magazine = £3.99, Sample worth £9 – well worth getting if you’d like to try. I  now have 3 items from the revamped brow collection from Benefit, once I’ve had chance to try them all out I’ll aim to do an overview.

Let me know if there’s anything here you’ve tried – or whether there’s anything you want to see reviews on!


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38 thoughts on “Boots, Sally’s & The Body Shop Haul

  1. All of that NYX stuff looks lovely, particularly the eyeshadow and Toasted Marshmallow (the name for this one is adorable!) I love travel miniatures, they make traveling so much easier!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve never seen them before either! When I saw them they really reminded me of my ombre ones from Estée Lauder, definitely going to need to get the peach one to see if it’s a dupe! Wish I’d got a picture of the stand in Peterborough as I’ve not seen another like it, it had its own area with neon lights and a brick wall with a island in the counter and all along the wall full with products!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We have two in Peterborough – and the other is a smaller store is a double sided stand, and had all the core items you’d expect – rather than getting rid of any brands that were already there they made all the aisles slightly narrower to make more space to squeeze it in!


  2. Just a quick question about the body shop cream….does it leave that funny white layer on your skin? Or does it rub right in? Being dark skinned, I really struggle to find sun cream that doesn’t leave me ghostly grey especially in the higher SPFs

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Just the regular ones so far, but I’m planning my next trip to Boots right now! I’d love to try the intense glosses and the matte ones too, I’m going to be so poor soon haha x

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I got the magazine and found the pencil inside. Which is great yet the colour is not a perfect math so that’s a shame haha xxx great post

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I also have wonky brows, my brows get so long it’s ridiculous and they grow so fast. I will look for the new magazine!

        I agree, I always reach for my dry palette instead, unless it’s a precision pencil like Anastasia one, that one I do love. Probably the only pencil I reach for.


      2. I can confirm that the hype is justified hah.

        My brows are very dark as well, which is a bit odd as my natural hair, whilst not as blond as I dye it, still not too dark. It’s just the brows. Rebelling. I don’t actually need lots of brow product and if the product is substantial my brows will so easily end up looking unnatural and obviously full of product. I think maybe that’s why I go for the powders mostly. Easiest to work with as well!

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  4. I’ve not heard of the Body Shop Face Defense because it appears it’s not available here yet! I’ve been wanting to try the Kiehl’s sunscreen but decided to get the Japanese ones instead. The Kiehl’s one does feel super light.
    That NYX concealer is on my radar. I’ve swatched it countless times and I can’t figure out my shade. I think I’m between Fair and Light… but I’ve got a few concealers to go through first! 😛 And I bet that NYX Sex Kitten eye shadow is their take on Stila’s Kitten!
    I love Sally’s discount section – I’ve scored so many random nail polishes for cheap. You did well with those China Glazes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. UK Sally’s don’t tend to have discounts – this is the first time I’d spotted anything discounted in 5+ years of going, my eyes lit up like a christmas tree!
      Yes it probably is – will have to compare swatches of the two!
      Ahh man on TBS Sunscreen I think you’d like it – hopefully it will make it’s way over soon – got a review of it on Friday! I’ve had it over a week now and was sold from the first use!
      Hmm – I haven’t bought anything other than the lightest for contouring yet – but I will try it for regular concealing once I’ve made my way through my stash, I think it will work just as well for both!


      1. I saw the ad of the ombre blushes on their IG page if I’m not mistaken and I wanted it since then but I couldnt find them yet. And yes! That sex kitten looks really pretty!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. I need all those NYX Products in my life! I’ve been dying to try the concealer but they don’t have my shade in stock every time I head to Boots. And Sex Kitten is a gorgeous shade, I think I’m going to have to pick this up soon.

    I swear by the Boots wipes, either the Cucumber ones or the ones for Sensitive skin. I don’t like using wipes every day, but I love having them in my bag in case I need to wipe my hands, face or a surface.They’re the only ones that don’t irritate my face and they’re essential for me after a long day of wearing makeup and I need to take it off on a train home.

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

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  6. Sigh, I wish I could justify spending MYR 110 (approximately 21 pounds) for a tinted eyebrow. The only reason I would want to purchase the Gimme Brow would be because I’d want to compare it with my Essence Make Me Brow.


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