A Small Beauty Bay Haul

Only 3 items in this Beauty Bay online shopping trip that I made on Friday. There’s one rather large and exciting item within it I will admit! This month I had planned a no-ban for a trip abroad at the end of the month for a hen party which I hope might involve me being able to quickly nip into a Sephora. To be honest on the research I’ve done on the lines stocked in the Sephora’s other than picking up another of my Kat Von D Foundations if I can there’s nothing I actually want to get my hands on – so treated myself to a palette I’ve been eyeing.

Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Soap – £11.95


In my last Beauty Bay order in May I received this as a sample, whilst using it my skin had been literally the best it had ever been and since I’ve ran out it’s breakout central. It’s either a complete coincidence or this is skin magic. I’ll report back in full at a later date if it instantly gets my skin back to as glowing as it was, as I’m thinking of doing my current skincare routine but I have already posted a review of my sample here.

Makeup Geek Mai Thai Eyeshadow Pan – £4.95


I picked up my first Makeup Geek eyeshadows in May and have been absolutely loving them so far. At the  moment I’m really gravitating towards peachy and pink shades. There’s one shade called I’m Peachless that I got which I loved, a peach duochrome and this is like it’s the big sister to it – pink with peach duochrome  which I had my eye on from the moment I got I’m Peachless!

Violet Voss Drenched Metal Palette – £34.50


Saving the star of the show ’til last – Violet Voss has been making waves on my blog feed for a while and when I started looking into the few palettes they did I was flawed, I can totally see why they have a cult like following. The only one on stock on Beauty Bay was the Drenched Metal palette, but they also have a more neutral one called the Holy Grail which seems to be constantly out of stock – but I could easily be tempted by in future. I like that this has a good chunk of neutral shades with a few pretty pops of colour too! I’d like to think I can film a first impression on this with swatches this weekend! I’m dying to swatch and use it now but would love to caption my expression on camera as I think they’re going to be pretty special!

Sidenote – Makeup Geek Mai Thai is a pretty dead on dupe for Violet Voss Confession – typical!

Have you tried anything that I’ve listed here – I’d love to know your thoughts especially if you’ve tried anything from Violet Voss!


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40 thoughts on “A Small Beauty Bay Haul

  1. The Violet Voss palette is a stunner! Love all of the neutral choices with the few pops of jeweled tones. Can’t wait to see swatches!
    The MUG shadow also looks pretty – especially if it’s a duochrome! Have been dying to try MUG shadows but keep waiting until the exchange rate is a little better to make any purchases (not sure if that’s ever going to happen at this point).

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    1. It’s really pretty I wore it yesterday for this first time and it’s really eyecatching – not big on pink for the eyes on myself but the peach duochrome in it is so flattering, would look lovely on tanned skin I can imagine!
      Thankfully we’ve had a store just start selling MUG here in the past 6 months – and not at over inflated prices!

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  2. I saw swatches of the VV HG palette and I wasn’t convinced. I have all those shades in my stash already, really. I can’t get swept up on the hype! 😛 That said, I am interested in seeing swatches of this one hehe.
    The Mario Badescu skincare is so affordable – I hope you like this one. I just cracked open the Kiehl’s one the other day, it’s nice but pricey for what it is.


    1. I have had a sample of this already and my skin seemed to start freaking out after I ran out so either coincidence or were made for each other! Either way I did really like it regardless but hope it makes my skin look as perfect as it did a few months ago, which Kiehls one are you referring to? Can’t think!
      I think this one is more me than the holy grail one while it does look pretty – whilst it’s not the smallest pallete for travel I like that this has a lot of neutrals with shades that are fun to play with! Just wish there was one dark matte either black or brown!

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  3. Ahh, Squad Goals, Livin, and Huntress look gorgeous! I’m a sucker for shimmery gold shadows, but I have never been one to use bright colors. I love seeing individual dupes for colors in palettes like this, so I can get only the ones I want.

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    1. When I come to review it I’ll see if I can find any dupes, or things that are close from my collection for you! I know what you mean though some palettes I look at and think I only want “that” shade – luckily I do think I’ll get a fair bit of use from these and whilst i wont reach for the bright colours often I do like wearing jewel tones.

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  4. The Violet Voss palettes look so good I am going to have to try them at some point! I also received the seaweed cleansing soap as a sample from beauty bay a while ago and I’m yet to use it but I’m definitely going to give it a go after reading this!

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