99p Ebay Guilt Free Treats #1

There was lots of interest in the eBay haul – so I decided to share with you 10 99p finds from eBay for if you want to treat yourself to a guilt free bargain!


.1. Swarovski Style Wrap Bracelet (12 Colours) link

Available in 12 colour choices this is a pretty nice copy of the Swarovski wrap bracelets. I own 1 Swarovski one which was a present, but these look no different and copy the look for so much cheaper. I’m a big fan on this particular colour, ‘coffee’.

.2. Brush Egg (8 Colours) link

A cheap and cheerful makeup brush cleanser to make the painful job of cleaning your makeup brushes a little easier

.3. Ribbon Hair Tie (6 Colours) link

Is it just me who think this bow is adorable! Take the hassle of attempting to create a neat bow with one that’s already done for you!

.4. Feather Nail Decals link

Crap at doing nail art? You no longer have to be, nail decals are your best friend! You can just about get every imaginable design available – these feathers are just a personal favourite and perfect choice for summer.

.5. Pom Pom Keyring link

These are everywhere right now and most are totally overpriced! This one comes in a selection of pretty colours with gold hardware and a cute little pearl detail too!

.6. Heart Shaped Mug link

Okay, this steals all the adorable points from the bow (I think this might me my fave from the list). I’ve ordered one of these! I’m wondering how I managed without it in my life!

.7. Whatever I’m Late Anyway Watch link

How funny is this! My dad definitely needs a men’s version of this as he’s always the one who is running behind and holding us all up since I can remember. Comes with a range of different strap colours too!

.8. Star Hair Slide link

This hair slide is definitely something I would have worn as a child in the 1990’s! Coming in silver and gold will add a prettu but not over the top look, that will easily keep your hair out the way in hotter weather.

.9. Tropical Phone Cases link

There was a range of different tropical themed prints from banana palms to tropical plants. I loved these watermelon sliced design and also liked that it’s partially clear so you can see the colour of your phone peeking through.

.10. Clear Travel Drawstring Pouch link

Last but not least is a cosmetics pouch with a drawstring – there’s a few different patterns but I thought this kitty version was the cutest out the bunch. I don’t have anything like this but I could see it being handy for some larger or more awkward shaped items.

I’m thinking about doing one of these monthly – maybe close to the end of the month when you feel like treating yourself to something but are a little too far away from payday to get truly spendy! Let me know what you think, if you’d like to see some themed ones like all beauty or all fashion accessories – I’ll be up to the challenge!

Let me know which item is your favourite from the list!


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26 thoughts on “99p Ebay Guilt Free Treats #1

  1. I can’t believe some of these were 99p – absolute bargains! Love the phone case, the heart mug and the drawstring bag. I’ve got a brush egg myself and they are super useful!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I got a brush egg off AliExpress a while back – really handy!
    I’ve been debating about getting one of those pom pom keyrings – they’re SO soft. And fluffy. 😛


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