Face Mask Friday #19 – When Glamour Base

We all know I love trying face masks, I mean look – I’m nearly at number 20 in my face mask series! So when ‘When‘ got in touch and offered me some of their face masks to try of course I said yes! I already had one still stashed in my collection from a past Beauty Box which I’d been saving for travelling, so I now had a few more to try out.


When focuses on picking the best type of mask for the situation that you’re in and making it easy to understand which mask you need. The first one I tried was Glamour Base designed for prepping for having the perfect base to apply makeup.

Whilst these are ‘sheet masks’ they’re not the traditional fabric type that I’ve tried from almost every other. This is a Bio-cellulose sheet which When list as being more effective and eco-friendly compared to fabric or hydro-gel materials. This is made from fermented coconut juice and has a soft gel like feel. The sheets are infused with serum and are really, really wet.


Most sheets i find say to leave on for 5-10 minutes at most – but this one is a full 30 minutes. I left it on for 69 minutes (I know this specifically because it was on for the whole game of thrones finale!). This whilst feeling really wet and drenched in serum does cling to the face, often I feel like they can slip off and I’m looking like a melted snowman,  but this one seemed to stay relatively firmly put.


After an hour it felt like it was just starting to dry out, and you can choose to massage the excess into your skin or rub and cleanse away very gently. I chose to massage in, the next morning my skin was soft and smooth – truly ready as the best it could have been for a base for makeup. I’ve been having the mother of all break outs for the past two weeks and spots have been popping up like crazy, this helped calm them down and reduce them in size, they didn’t completely go – but in terms of helping your makeup base they were a hell of a lot better than the night before.

Next I’ll be trying out the other one I’ve been sent called ‘Snow Magic’ designed to brighten and calm down skin – something I’m in dire need of right now! Mask sent for review by When via Brandbacker but review is 100% reflective with my experience of the product


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10 thoughts on “Face Mask Friday #19 – When Glamour Base

  1. LOL you left this on for 69 minutes?!! 😮
    Never heard of a bio-cellulose sheet mask – I suppose they’d biodegrade?
    I figure rats or seagulls will eat those hydrogel ones! 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess so they’re all natural which makes sense!
      Yep 69 whole minutes + a few pauses, figured I’d be relatively glued to a position so may aswell leave it on – (apart from having to let the dogs in and out and in and out and in and out of the backdoor, they were a nightmare during that episode!)


  2. I love your face masks reviews! I need to start trying different ones out because there are so many brands out there that I haven’t tried yet
    Kathy x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love your in depth review of this and I love reading this series on your blog! I recently began doing sheet masks more often and I’m completely in love with Sephora Collection ones! When ones are also great, I have tried Travelmate before and loved it! xo

    Liked by 1 person

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