OFRA Manhattan Liquid Lipstick Review

I’m incredibly happy to have some new liquid lipstick shades from OFRA in my life, last year it was probably my favourite beauty discovery of the year. I already had a neutral and an array of pink shades thanks to collecting them through my Love Me Beauty boxes where I was introduced to them – but they’ve only just refreshed their website to order online – and to the UK. As soon as I realised this I hopped online to order a load more.

Manhattan was immediately the one that I was most excited to try when I saw them in person, whilst last year I loved my bright pinks I definitely think my taste has changed a little over the last year and love plummy shades on me now. This looks a little brighter in the tube to how it dries down and dries to a deep plum nude – I think this shade is really wearable and a good introduction into a purple lip if it’s a colour that you normally don’t gravitate towards.


This had it’s first wear (riskily) to one of my best friend’s weddings last weekend and I was really impressed how it held up – I applied this pre-hairdressers at about 10.30am and did not reapply it at all until after we had eaten at about 6 – and at that point it was just a touch up. That touch up saw me right the way through until 1am when we arrived home.


I’ve since worn this out the house whilst I have been off work and received three comments from  different people whilst I was shopping in town and all were a little bit disappointed that I couldn’t tell them they could get it in Boots or Superdrug! This shade feels like it should be a little on the wintery side – and whilst it has been raining the past few days here in the UK, it wasn’t on the day of my friends wedding and even in the blissful sunshine it didn’t feel out of place.


One thing I will say is that whilst the packaging has had a makeover from last years offerings – and it looks a lot nicer there are a few drawbacks to. This sat in my clutch bag for one day (and it’s velvet lined, so it had little to really get scratched upon) and most of the lettering had already rubbed away – disappointing as they do look really nice! Secondly I personally think that the inner cap needs to take a bit more product off as you remove – it doesn’t really look like it has anything to scrape away the excess which can make for a little bit of a messy application if you aren’t careful.

Overall I am loving this and can see me keep wearing this all year round, and this might be my favourite shade from OFRA that I own yet. I’m really looking forward to giving the other shades that I picked up at the same time a go now. If you’ve tried the OFRA liquid lipsticks let me know your favourite shades in the comments!


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29 thoughts on “OFRA Manhattan Liquid Lipstick Review

  1. I haven’t own any yet but I’ve been eyeing Laguna Beach since last year. I’ve seen that a lot of beauty vloggers had included OFRA on their most favorite liquid lipstick. I’m not surprise why. Btw, the color looks so beautiful on you which made me also want to include this on my list. 🙂

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  2. This looks great on you – not surprised that you’d get so many compliments!
    Was that last photo of you taken recently? You look like you’ve lost weight!


    1. Why thank you for noticing! Yes it was taken at the weekend – I’m currently reviewing a diet program, and I’m just about to hit the midway point on Saturday! So far lost a just over a stone (weighing yesterday) but got to measure myself tomorrow but a total of 10.5 inches as of last thursday!


    1. It’s a shame because it’s lovely packaging – just looks a mess as soon as it’s been in your handbag for an hour 😦 for a product that’s almost $20 is have expected more, especially as they’ve already gone to the trouble of redesigning you’d have thought they’d want to make sure it stays looking good!

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