Latest In Beauty “The Glamour Summer Edit” Unboxing

My friend recently recommended a product to me – a coffee scrub from a brand called Grounded. I fell in love with a coffee scrub last year and was never able to repurchase it, and the one she recommended sounded really similar. I was all ready to order it when I got an email from Latest In Beauty advertising their newest collaboration with Glamour, their Summer edit, featuring the exact product that I was going to order – costing a mere £5 more with a whole heap more products included could I say no? No…

I’ve had one Latest in Beauty box in the past, I’m pretty sure it was also from the Glamour magazine collabs they do every season, and I think I got it just as we moved into our house so two years ago now, yikes – I have no review on it to confirm. In addition to the one scrub that I found appealing, in general the whole box appealed to me too.

Grounded Chocolate Orange Coffee Scrub


Not a full size item, but a generous amount to try, the Grounded coffee scrubs come in three scents and the Chocolate orange one happened to be the one I was eyeing. At £15 for the full size (way way more than I’d normally spend on a scrub) I’m glad I got this to try before I buy.

Oribe Dry Texturising Spray


Just about everyone and their mothers has raved about this spray over the past few years, and whilst it’s not normally what I normally would go for, I have to admit I have been tempted. This is supposed to smell amazing and as this is super expensive, and a small can I’m not wasting a drop in spraying it without the intent to use it!

Auerilia Pro Biotic Skincare – Bamboo Muslin Cloth and Miracle Cleanser + £10 Voucher


Auerilia isn’t a brand that I’d heard of before, but with words like miracle, pro biotic and bamboo I imagine they’re both pricey and therefore I already have high expectations! The box also came witha  £10 off voucher to spend on the Auerilia website.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour in Devotion


I’ve been eyeing these since they launched and after hearing reviews that seem to either swerve to being a total hit or a total miss I’ve stayed away, so I’m happy to finally have one to try in a nice mid pink that I always lean towards in the summer.

Nuxe Shower Oil


Whilst I’ve never bought one, I’ve always loved shower oils I’ve received in beauty boxes from the likes of L’Occitaine and the Body Shop. I imagine my like for them will differ no less from this one from Nuxe and it’s already in their waiting to be used as we speak!

St Tropez Bronzing Tanning Mist


I’m not big on self tanning but I do have my friends Hen Party at the end of July which I can imagine this might come in handy for as we’ll be abroad I may top up to be bronzed before going if I don’t manage to catch a bit of tan before going – right now I feel super pasty! If I don’t love it I know Ben’s sister is a big fan of St Tropez and she’ll happily take it off my hands!

Ladival SPF 30


Another product that’s going to come in handy for my mini trip abroad – probably cursed it now and it’s not going to be sunny! SPF 30 is generally what I opt for especially when it’s just for a few days, and a spray format is always easier for me than a cream when I don’t want someone to rub it in for me, which might be awkward as most of the people going I don’t know well enough to ask!

Wow Luxury Sheet Mask


Another brand which I haven’t heard of is the brand Wow, this will get added to my growing stash of sheet masks I need to start reviewing some time soon! Not too much info about this at the moment so will have to do some research for my inevitable Face Mask Friday review.

That’s it from this box! I also ordered a Latest in Beauty 3 item custom box where i picked the items – as there was as a couple of items I had been eyeing and wanting to try from their too, so more on that later in the week!


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16 thoughts on “Latest In Beauty “The Glamour Summer Edit” Unboxing

  1. This box looks really good actually. Not a lot of makeup which I normally prefer to see, but the hair and skincare stuff look like stuff I’d use. This is the 2nd time within the last 5 days I’m reading about orange flavoured coffee scrubs… might need to try it!

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