Summer Vibes – My Little Box June 2016

It’s beauty box central here right now! I’ve had 4 arrive within the space of a few days of one another – Crikey what a treat! Here we have June 2016’s My Little box under the name of Summer Vibes, which for the first time does not have an illustration on the front. I don’t know how I feel about this but I don’t think I was ready for the breakup.


Firsts thing as usual we’re greeted with is the pretty postcard illustration on the inside – I’ve got every one of these since I’ve been subbed (2 years in August) and still none of them are on my wall, that’s a project for the this month as they’d look lovely in my beauty room!). Tucked underneath we’re also greeted with the My Little World magazine filled this month with mostly fashion inspiration and tips.


Nestled at the bottom of the box was a rolled up vest top with the slogan ‘Girls just wanna have sun’. In the magazine they featured this, alongside another and appears like you might have got one of two versions, the other being ‘Calvi on the beach’. I actually love the T-shirt I got in the superhero themed box last year for bed, and I’m sure this will get similar use.



Next up was a little sachet from Kusmi Tea, which i thought was a bit odd until I spotted it was Ice Tea – my favourite in summer! Featuring Hibiscus, berries and red fruits this sounds absolutely delicious and makes up enough for a litre of tea, about to make this up and get it chilling in my fridge

There’s no canvas pouch for the products this month inside they’re tucked inside a clear see-through pouch labelled Bikini Lifeguard to keep your wet swimsuit in. Yet again I’ll say this MLB, my G Cup bikinis ain’t gonna fit in there sadly (we had this problem a few months ago with the lingerie pouch) – but it is just a handy pouch for travel – especially springing to mind for cosmetics at the airport – just wish it didn’t say bikini on it and was left a bit more generic…


The first beauty item this month was the My Little Beauty Beach Hair Sea Salt Spray, I’m pleased to have this as the one Sea Salt Spray I currently have in my drawer is terrible, so hopefully this will be better – I haven’t been disappointed with any MLB own brand hair products yet. This also has a delicious light coconut scent too – handy and something I will be starting to use almost immediately as I’m feeling super lazy about doing my hair at the moment.


Next up was a Ciate Mini polish in the shade Chinchilla – man this needs a good shake!, annoyingly – I think I may already have this as the name and shade rings a bell. Either way I’m not normally the biggest fan of Ciate polishes and I wish it was a bit more of a summery shade as the colour does feel a bit dreary for summer. Probably one of the giveaway box.


Last but not least is a sample of the Too Faced Glitter Glue Glitter Shadow Primer. I have mixed feelings about this, I’ve heard really good things about it, but I don’t think I own any glitters. I actually spotted this first in the pouch and presumed there might be a glitter nestled within the bag to try it out. Can’t quite decide whether to keep this for the very few pigments I have (which I never use) and trying out with eyeshadow in general – or throw it in the giveaway pile for future. Some more research is probably needed!


Overall not a bad but not a great box this month I don’t think – definitely better than it has been for the past 6 months in general, but not as great as last months box. After last month’s box I was on a high again with the service, but now feel like I’m on the ‘one more month before I cancel’.

If you’re thinking of subbing and want to see all past UK boxes, as yep I’ve not missed one, click here for the full review and shortlist.


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22 thoughts on “Summer Vibes – My Little Box June 2016

  1. I do love the style of this box and the attention to detail: it just look so pretty. Too bad the products are a little underwhelming compared to the design.
    xo Anne

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I love the way you do your photos! Amazing looking set. You made a great point about the bikini bag, it would have been better if it was generic or if they only printed some MLB generic stuff on it. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Yeah I loved them when it first came to the UK then it went slightly downhill eg the flower pot bag lol, not my style. But I loved the bean bag you warmed up in the microwave. The beauty products are always v good though xx

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes the lifestyle products are very hit and miss for me. The problem I had with the beauty items for a while it was cream, cream, cream, cream, cream – I have a box of them still unusued I can’t get through them all, at least they listened to everyone’s comments on facebook about that though and are toning it back!

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  3. I felt disappointed with this one to be honest and the price they put on that clear pouch thing was ridiculous, it was supposed to be like £6 wasn’t it?!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. TBH I never even look at the ridiculous price tags they put on the lifestyle items any more! They lost my respect when they put a £15 price tag on a cheap canvas bag that you could buy in Primark for a pound! I’m leaning somewhere between “It’s just okay” and disappointed with this one – def not my fave! xxx


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