Color Club Harp on It Review & Swatch

It wasn’t until I posted my review of the Maybelline Dr Rescue Base Coat last week that I realised that I’ve seriously been slacking on Nail Polish reviews this year – that was the first I’d posted all year and considering it’s all I did when I started – that’s a pretty bad failure. So onto a polish which I’ve worn about 5/6 times so far and have never been happy with how the swatches have turned out until now.

Color Club Harp On It is in the bottle probably the most intense silver holo that I own. Yep that’s right – I need multiple silver holos. Luckily that does seem to translate to the nails for the most part too, but it really depends (as with most holos) on how it hits the light as to how intense it is. Most of the other silver holos I have in my collection are much more washed out in the daylight and only really show any true colour at night under the lighting of your home.

This for the holo geek is a non-linear/scattered holo – where the holographic in it moves more like a glitter than metal where it shifts colour all in one line (if you’re paying attention to the picture below, like this polish has). I think i prefer this effect over linear polishes – mainly cause it looks a bit glittery and I think it seems to catch the light a bit better as your hands and fingers move.


Whilst the colours in this are brighter under lighting rather than day light, this polish does look eyecatching in sunlight too. In terms of wear time, this is actually pretty decent, it’s pictured here sans topcoat and it tends to last in the region of 4 days without one, and it’s pretty glossy by itself.



color-club-harp-on-it-natural-light2 color-club-harp-on-it-natural-light3

Evening/Under LED Light

I think over the past 6 months since owning it, I’ve reached for this more than any other polish singularly. I’m going to make a better effort to keep reviewing my stash – since that’s why I started my blog in the first place, but I’ll have to lay off the gel a little more often to do so!

Have you tried any Color Club polishes? If you have any recommendations (especially if they’re holo) let me know in the comments!


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27 thoughts on “Color Club Harp on It Review & Swatch

  1. Color Club makes some amazing holos! I have a bunch of them. One of my favourite is called Cherubic, it’s a tan colour holo that makes it work appropriate. I also love: Love ’em Leave ’em (nude holo), Revvvolution (black holo), and Fashion Addict (lilac holo) – all from Color Club!

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      1. I’m back! Just catching up on a few blogs. 🙂
        A white holo? Wowee. I cant wait to see!
        I have a slight obsession with nude / tan coloured holos, I own more than one person truly needs.

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      2. Sounds the same as me with silvers! If you want to look it up it’s called ‘Chasing a Unicorn’ from colors by llarowe – had to order it from not in the UK as it’s not in stock anywhere so might take weeks, I want it now! Also just ordered a customised beauty box and got a teez holo polish in it!

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  2. Love this! I have a Colour Club holographic polish similar to this but it’s a peachy pink colour. I need to pull that out and check what the name is – it’s gorgeous and the formula is fantastic. 🙂

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