Lee Stafford CocoLoco Hair Mask Review

I’ve recently really been enjoying a revival of Lee Stafford in my hair care routine – I think if I was assigning a scent to my teenage years it would definitely be the smell of the original core collection. Having also tried the CocoLoco Genius lotion and absolutely loving it, I decided to try out the Coconut mask from the same range.


The Lee Stafford CocoLoco Coconut Hair Mask is described as deliciously creamy to help bring hair back to life. One of the things I really like about this coconut range is that it’s not too in your face – as a general rule I don’t love or gravitate towards coconut scents, but this is light and not particularly obtrusive. That being said whenever I use this – or the Genius Lotion – Ben always comments saying that I smell of coconuts.


I’ve been surprised to find that this pot is lasting me a relatively long time – One use a week and it’s still got at least two or three uses in it, so I’m guessing by the end I will have had about 7 applications from it. You can see from the picture above, where I have already used it once or twice, it’s a thick cream – but isn’t too hard to apply. I hate it when actually rubbing them into your hair becomes a chore – or when they’re too thin they slip off your wet locks easily but this is perfectly balanced in the middle ground.

In terms of the claims I’d say it leaves the hair silky soft and smooth – I wouldn’t say it’s doing anything to help repair signs of split ends etc but my hair has been recently cut so it’s hard to really notice on the few split ends I do have any change. I don’t do this every time – sometimes I just shampoo, mask and go – but there’s a tip on the back to use between shampoo and conditioner as an extra step. I try to do this especially when I have a special occasion and want my hair to look and feel extra nice. I was surprised just how much of a difference this made, I think of a mask as an intensive conditioner – but this combo together just adds an extra dose of something to take the feeling of smooth hair to the next level.


At £6.99 (and usually on some kind of deal in Boots) I think this is one of the best hair masks that I’ve ever tried! It makes such a noticeable difference to my hair every time I use it.

Have you tried any other items in the range?  I have my eye on the blowdry spritz to pair with the genius lotion! Also let me know your favourite hair masks below – I’m always on the hunt for trying something new!


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