Make Up For Ever Smoothing Primer Review

An item which has long been on my wish list to try is the Make Up For Ever Smoothing Primer. Only recently “easily” accessible in the UK – (I use the term loosely as it’s only available in 1 Debenhams store and on their website as far as I know) I still haven’t gotten around to checking out much from the range yet. Their HD foundation was a firm favourite last summer which was loved and reached for every day until the point where I had scraped it out and used every drop when the pump stopped saying yes.


When I saw that a box I was subbed to all last year had items from MUFE items in April, I had to resubscribe to get my hands on some, gleefully managing to tick two products off my to try hit list. Their HD Powder is still sat untried while I make myself use up another powder, in the mean time this primer has been getting a lot of love.

15ml sounds tiny right? I’ll admit thinking – well I’ll probably get 3 uses out of this, but I was wrong. It’s a half the full size – and actually available in Debenhams in this travel friendly size for £15. But this 15ml is going to last me a long time, you need such a small amount of this product, I put it onto my finger with enough for a dab on each cheek, forehead and chin. The skin toned cream leaves no colour trace as it glides into the skin and whilst it has a silicone feel which I normally find too heavy in products such as Porefessional. Despite the name I’ve never found porefessional to ever actually effect the look of my pores, but Make Up For Ever noticeably blurs over them whilst making the skin feel incredibly smooth. Even foundations which normally apply badly for me apply nicer with this foundation (Maybelline Dream Satin Fluid I’m looking at you – review on that soon!).

Before Primer


After Primer


I’ve noticed since starting using this one that it helps keep my skin matte for longer and therefore foundation tends to last longer as getting oily tends to be when my makeup starts wearing away for me. Interestingly this supposedly the best primer from the range for oily skin with a mattifying primer also in the collection which I will be trying out once I’ve finished this (and begrudgingly others which I’ve been forcing myself to use up).

Let me know if you’ve tried this or any of the other MUFE primers, especially curious about the mattifying version if you have any opinions on that!


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28 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever Smoothing Primer Review

  1. LMB? I got one too (And the mascara) I actually love it. I think you are spot on about the size too, I’ve been using it almost daily for a few weeks and still plenty left.

    I also really like the Bourjois Happy Light Matte primer, I’ve had great success with that 🙂

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      1. Its ok….but not my favourite… has a very thin brush and quite a lot of product comes out on it so its a little messy. I should probably persevere, but I end up going back to an old fave for quickness!


  2. I’ve been wanting to try this for such a long time!! Luckily for me I live about a 20 minute tube journey away from the only store to stock MUFE so next time I’m in Oxford Street I’ll be sure to pick this up!

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  3. I heard about this primer and saw it with youtuber , the difference between those two picture is impressive 😱 . I think I’m gonna try it ! Thanks for the review 😘


  4. The primer did a great job of blurring out pores 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the product – I really want to try the MUFE HD foundation and primers since everyones raving about them! I’ve little sample sachets that im going to try out this week, can’t wait! 🙂


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