May’s 2015 £25 Beauty Budget

Whilst I wasn’t meant to be buying anything beauty wise this month, and I did cave, I have stayed well within budget – and I bought nothing additional, no shampoos/no conditioners etc that would normally not be counted as a spend. So I’ve done marvellously this month, if I do say so myself!

NARS Polishes – £2.49 Each


When I saw some NARS polishes in TK Maxx I did unfortunately have to cave and buy them. NARS polishes have been on my hit list to try for a while and I’ll take trying them at £2.49 rather than £15. The two shades I got were Libertango (Brick Orange/Red) and Sherwood (Deep Purple – and LE from the 2014 Christmas collection so a good find too!).

Illamasqua Celestial Eyeshadow Palette – £15


I recently joined a UK Beauty bloggers selling group on Facebook to sell and buy stuff you’re not using and I couldn’t resist this when I saw it. I’d regretting not getting it and from last Christmas’ Illamasqua collection it’s now been discontinued. The original of this would have been £34 and I got this, completely unused one for £15 – great steal! I saw this reviewed by Miss Budget Beauty and mainly wanted it for that rose gold shade, but all of those colours will make a gorgeous eye look.

I’m going to attempt to keep my buying well on track for June, July marks my trip to Valencia, and therefore hopefully Sephora and I already had a no low buy rule in effect for then!

Have you been spendy or frugal this month? Let me know what you’ve been buying and whether there’s anything I should be considering for June, and what I should be thinking about adding to my Sephora list, I already have KVD Bow and Arrow on the list, and I’m considering the shade and light palette too!


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