Victoria’s Secret Love Me More Perfume Review

I picked up this Rollerball on a whim whilst in New York, standing at the counter whilst I was picking up my favourite Body Sprays from VS which we’re on a crazy good deal – I spotted this. Having been in Sephora minutes before and looking at rollerballs for $30+ each I couldn’t resist this little one at $10. I hadn’t even smelt it as there was no testers out at counter but went for it anyway.

Victoria’s Secret Love Me More Perfume is described on their website as being like French canelé – which to you and me is a Bordeaux Pasty/Cake. I think someone was high on perfume when writing this as that is not what it smells like to me at all! It’s warm which does match up with the notes of Amber, Kind of Vanillary (which I normally don’t like but it’s a hint of vanilla not dominate), and Grapefruit which keeps it from falling too musky. Maybe it is French canelé but that’s some marketing spin, it has a sweet note to it but let’s just say – don’t worry you won’t smell like a cake.

The one thing I don’t love about this is the top unscrews quite easily, I find it needs only the slightest knock to dislodge itself and after revisiting my handbag one day I found that the majority (seriously like three quarters gone) of the rollerball had leaked all over my bag. The only upside of this is a month on my bag still smells great! In terms of longevity (when we’re not talking about handbags!) I don’t find that it lasts all day long on me – but I can still smell it on myself up to the 5-6 hour point.

I actually way prefer this over the full size 100ml Victoria’s Secret perfume I picked up… but more on that one next week! The bottle below is the full sized version, I feel like VS perfumes are always the perfect balance between being interesting and tacky, let’s face it we all like a bit of tat every now and again. I’d consider picking this up in the future once I’ve made my way through the ones I don’t use that I’m trying to clear out!


Have you tried any VS perfumes? Let me know any hits (or misses) in the comments below. Equally if you enjoy smelling of french bakeries let me know too!


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12 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Love Me More Perfume Review

  1. I love Victoria Secret perfumes and body lotions! I did a good haul when I was in New York too but can’t easily find them here 😔 I make sure I buy from the airports whenever I m travelling though! Must try the Love me More ☺️ x

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    1. While I was there they’d just repackaged the sprays and has a reintroduction offer of 2 for $10! Snapped them up and bought 6! Hopefully we’ll start getting more vs stores across the country, or they’ll start shipping with delivery that’s not astronomical! Yes airports is always a good place to stock up!

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  2. I have a few VS body sprays and I’ve always been impressed with their quality in relation to their price! The areas near the checkout are always such a dangerous place, I always end up with lip gloss and perfume and a bunch of other things I don’t really need. I’ll have to check this one out the next time I’m in store. 🙂

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