H&M Rose Reverie Body Scrub Review

I’ve had this in my shower for a little while now but just haven’t gotten around to reviewing it. When I hauled the H&M Rose Reverie Body Scrub I said I was a little disappointed to start with, I thought that it was packed with evil microbeads something I can’t wait to be banned in the UK so we follow suit with the US and see the back of a little balls of plastic clogging our oceans. Okay – Enough with the environmentalist rant!


On first glance the large deep pink dots scattered through here did look like Microbeads, but I’m now 99% sure that they’re not, they’re about the same size as you’d usually expect but they’re not uniform in shape and look more like seeds than beads. Whilst this does please me that doesn’t unfortuantely mean this scrub is as fantastic as I hoped it would be.

This is my first try of anything from the ‘proper’ full cosmetics line from H&M since it launched I think last year. At £3.99 this was very affordable and picked up as a whim as part of an online order having finished up my Zoella Scrubbing Me Softly Body Scrub and needing a replacement.


The base of this product is made up of a quite thin gel, with sprinklings of those large chunky seeds and very tiny scrub particles made from rice which aren’t really noticeable to the eye, but you can feel them there. This is just too gooey for me, the gel base dominates the texture of this scrub too much and there’s not enough hardcore scrub to make it feel like it’s actually doing anything. One of the things I really liked about Zoella’s scrub was that I found you didn’t need a lot – a little of it could really be worked around the body but with this it almost slides of the skin instantly because of that gel feeling base and whilst I don’t like a really harsh scrub this feels like it doesn’t really do anything.


Not only that but the rose scent that’s in this is so so faint it’s barely noticeable, I specifically chose the Rose Body Scrub out of the few different variations as I’m stickler for rose scents as I’ve said before my parents grow roses for a living and I wanted to see if it was a horrible sickly rose scent which people often refer to as grannyish, or the beautiful rose scents that I know. Sadly it’s neither, it’s barely there at all – I think I’d rather the sickly scent!

I will use this up and get it gone, but have no plans to repurchase this scrub, compared to the Zoella one which is slightly more expensive but both scrubs better and leaves a feel to the skin that’s it’s been left nourished at the same time, it’s worth the extra expense ten fold.

What are your favourite scrubs? I’ve got the Kiehls one on my list to try once they’ve reformulated without the Microbeads – something we were told at the Kiehls blogger event I went to that they’re removing all traces of it from every product.


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16 thoughts on “H&M Rose Reverie Body Scrub Review

      1. Try the one in the tub, not the bar one, that’s too scrubby. Also there is an in shower exfoliate and moisturiser in one called buff. ..it’s fab, I’d sell my granny for it. Apart from those (and the massage bars which I use as solid moisturiser ) their stuff can be a bit blah, especially if you aren’t in possession of a bathtub.
        Their toothpowder is pretty good too, not the tabs, the actual powder. Now, that will keep you busy for a while 🙂

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  1. Oh no! Not the evil microbeads! It’s gotten to the point that I will not buy anything with microbeads anymore (I’m a dork, standing in the aisle reading the ingredient list), and if I still have anything in my stash that contains them, I try to not wash the product down the drain, instead I will tissue off and throw into the garbage (a tip from fivezero!)
    I don’t use a lot of body scrubs – I’m more into the scrubby clothes instead:
    That said, I do have one I’m working through which is from a Canadian brand which uses both sugar and salt grains as the exfoliant:
    It’s unscented but I’ve been mixing it with another scrub that’s coconut scented:
    It’s a sugar based scrub and has actual bites of coconut flakes!

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  2. We may be behind America on the microbead front, but the EU has bad nearly 2000 cosmetic chemicals while america has around 170 so their product can have some carcinogenics in it. Yay for the EU 😛

    I like the body shop scrubs, the mango one is more of a sugar scrub while raspberry has fruit seeds in it for scrubbing so no micro beads and they smell amazing.


    1. Yes I guess the benefit as one brand has to refomulate for one market they tend to spread it cross all countries, For example Kiehls are removing microbeads from their products in the US, but they’re making the change here too!
      I’ve smelt the Raspberry one and it has been on my list for a while, not a big fan of mango scents but willing to make an exception if the texture looks interesting, Thanks I’ll bare those in mind when this is empty and gone!


      1. Which is good and with more people preferring natural anyway a lot less are using micro-beads 🙂
        Definitely get the raspberry, the seeds give a great scrub. The mango is the least strong scent out of the body shop ones I’ve tried, just see what you think of it xx

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  3. Thanks for the headsup, I’ve been trying some of the H&M beauty line products. I really wanted to try a scrub since I really like their packaging. Thankfully now I wont need to 😀
    you can check my blog for some of the things Ive bought, I’ll be reviewing them pretty soon 😀

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