We Need Your Help!

This weekend we did something a little bit mad, we got ourselves a new puppy. It’ll be another month or so before we go and collect him but after almost 2 years of living in our home and talking about getting a friend for Dexter on a monthly basis. We’ve been speaking to a dog psychologist, yes I’m that person now, my dog has had therapy haha – as Dexter had his own weird behaviours we couldn’t understand, the answer was to get a companion. We decided to get on with it and get a dog sooner rather than later – at basically a year to the wedding when we pick him up – we didn’t want the stress of getting a new puppy settled at the same time as getting married!  

We were all set on getting a girl, but fell in love with a sleepy little boy – a Sprocker (Cocker Spaniel and Springer Spaniel mix), so with a girls name picked out, without even the consideration we’d be getting a boy we’re now really stuck on names and are at loggerheads with each other.


Who will look something like this when fully grown


Please leave us some boys names suggestions below, we need a name that sounds different to Dexter, I’m keen on Albus (Dumbledog) but Ben isn’t feeling it. Ben’s keen on Oliver, but I’m not feeling it either!


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21 thoughts on “We Need Your Help!

  1. He is so adorable! I love dogs!! I hope to see more posts about him!! My suggestions are ; Smokey, Spark (Sparkie), Smiley, Kiss, Oscar, Spotty (if he will have spots) 🙈

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  2. Oh. My. God! I want that PUPPY!
    Hmm since you have a Dexter… how about a character from that show? Like… Harry, or Vince or Joey… those all sound different from Dexter so when you’re hollering for one of them, they can tell the difference 😆


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