Helpless Diaries – Wedding Planning #2

It’s been a good 6 weeks since I updated you, progress has definitely been a back seat project this month, I was ill for a week with the flu and I’m still not fully over it – then Ben followed the next week and was also off work for a week with the flu too. The past few weekends have been filled with sat on the sofa, binge watching things off our Sky box feeling sorry for ourselves and wedding progress has definitely been stunted.

Since we last spoke where I’d said we were 99% sure we had found the reception venue – this has now officially been booked and we have a date, and the church has also been confirmed. I’m officially getting married 3rd of June next year, it feels like a million miles away but it’s been almost 3 months since we got engaged, and I’m really unsure as to where those 3 months have gone exactly and the fact it’s not much more than a year away is a little bit scary.

Whilst we haven’t made huge progress there are some areas we’ve managed to get locked down.


We stumbled upon our photographer in looking for past examples of weddings at our venue and had we not have done that we probably wouldn’t have discovered her. Charlotte’s style is exactly what I was looking for fresh and modern, I want lots of photographs of people in the moment, dancing, smiling and more laid back than formal pictures of everyone stood in a row grinning awkwardly (as I’d be the most awkward in the picture).  Charlotte got exactly where I was coming from when I contacted her! We’ll be having an engagement shoot with her at some point too so we’ll feel really comfortable around her when it comes to the day, and she’ll learn that sometimes in my head I think I’m smiling, but it turns out I’m not… Charlotte very nicely gave me permission to share a few of her pictures with you, the top 3 below are of our reception venue, of which this was only her second wedding she’d shot, impressive stuff I think!

Photo’s courtesy of Charlotte Maddison Photography

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It was actually Charlotte’s picture from her blog post on the wedding at our venue that has inspired our choice of food for the day. I was never that keen on going for something really formal, it doesn’t suit me anything Formal sends me straight into a panic – nor does it match the venue very well at all. I’m a fussy eater and most food at every wedding I’ve been to I’ve not liked – so we’re planning on huge BBQ for the main meals, equipped with big juicy steaks, and then in the evening laying out a ploughmans spread inspired by the picture above. No British person doesn’t enjoy a ploughmans, we all love cheese and a BBQ, which can’t be spoilt by the weather as it’ll be indoors and bought to the table.

 Save the Dates

I’ve designed the Save the Dates and have been experimenting of them being extra fancy, because of my job people are hands down going to judge what they look like when they arrive and not only that when I design for myself, e.g Blog Headers – I’ll like it for the first few weeks and then want to refresh it and start again, I want my theme to match the whole way through so I’ve taken extra time to make sure I’ll hopefully be happy until I get the invites printed towards August/September time! They’re now at the printers after a big decision over what type of paper I wanted to use (seriously such a print geek!) I’ll share a picture of the finished articles on my next update after they’ve been sent out. I don’t want people seeing and spoiling the surprise, and might show you some pictures of how I added an extra bit of fanciness.

Next big steps for us will involve deciding on entertainment, flowers, makeup and wedding cars. From that point on everything that’s need to be booked that plays a major part in the wedding will be done and dusted. We can chill out a bit without feeling like we need to get on with booking things incase it turns out what we really want has already been booked by someone else! I’m not planning on dress shopping until August/September, I’m on a big fitness kick at the moment and my figure could (hopefully) change a lot between now and then, and not only that, similar to the invitations I’m scared if I go and pick something too far in advance it’ll get closer to the time and I will have changed my mind, but I am constantly looking oline and I have every type of style in mind, I really have no idea what will suit me until I start trying on. As I said In my last post we’ve got a lot of DIY ideas so we’ll probably start planning them, but we might have another dog joining the family, so we might let wedding planning take the back seat for a while.


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26 thoughts on “Helpless Diaries – Wedding Planning #2

  1. It all looks so lovely! And now you will have to wait a whole other year, though i am sure time will fly by! Done any dress shopping yet? That is always the best bit 😀
    xo Anne


    1. Online dress shopping… I have no idea what will suit me so I’m torn between going a bit early and trying a few things on so I can get an idea of what suits me/what style I want so I can do some research. I don’t want to fall in love with anything now though – I’m scared if I order it i’ll hate it when I get to the day! There’s a few designers I’m gravitating towards already 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is always so tricky! I would definitely want to try a few different styles to see what suits and appeals to you, but I understand you don’t want to fall in love to early!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I hope you guys feel better soon!

    The photographer looks wonderful but I gotta say BBQ?!?!?! Aww yeah…. And, not British, but I love a bread & cheese spread. Anything with cheese, really.

    Sounds like you guys are off to a great start 🙂 Good luck with the dress shopping!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Chris, I think we’re finally back to normalish now, not quite well enough to get back to running for me yet but fingers crossed over the next week I can get back on it, so I can get ready for the dress shopping!
      Makes me hungry just thinking about BBQ/Cheese… or ideally both! Anyone who doesn’t love a BBQ or Cheese basically will have their invite revoked!


  3. Ahh, wedding planning is so exciting! It looks like things are coming along nicely for you, cannot wait to see pics of your big day! It’s going to fly by. Enjoy the engagement bliss + all of the fun stuff in between! :):)


  4. BBQ for a wedding? That’s awesome! The photographer looks really nice too – not stiff poses and such. Dress shopping and makeup is probably the most fun part of a wedding – everything else: UGH. Ok maybe the decorations, sometimes those DIYs are fun.


    1. DIY’s are fun, Providing they go the way you planned and you don’t get to the end of them thinking “WELL THIS LOOKS SHIT!” :p
      We’ve done the fun stuff, now the boring stuff before the fun stuff starts again!
      I’m going to one of my best friends wedding in a few weeks and she’s having a BBQ too, I’m already excited!


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