Organic Surge Intensive Smoothing Serum Review

 It wasn’t until I was admiring how much of this I’ve managed to use up that I realised that I’d never come this little gem. It was summer last year when I received the Organic Surge Intensive Smoothing Serum in a Pink Parcel, and it’s pretty much been on the go ever since.

For a serum, this is at the lower end of expense at £23.50, definitely not the cheapest on the market, but equally you can easily pay triple that in other brands. Some serums can last you years as you need just drops, but this has quite a thick gel like consistency which means that with every day use it seems to go down quite quickly and within 8 months it’s almost all gone.


The packaging deserves some points, it feels quite luxe with a heavy glass bottle, I like the clean label too which adds a touch of sophistication to a product which I do leave out on my dressing table. The pump has also been considered as it dispenses just the right amount of product.


I do notice my skin is always nice and soft after using this. I’ve been out of my bedroom for a few days as our bed decided to collapse, so we’ve relocated to the spare room and I’ve not had all my normal bedside beauty saviors next to me to use and I have noticed what a difference my skin has been without it. I’d say this smoothes and almost plumps the skin up as well, make up applies so much easier the next morning after this has fully sank into the skin and does something a little bit magic.


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