Face Mask Friday #16 – Sephora Rose Mask Review

Two Face Mask Friday posts two weeks in a row?! That’s such a rarity now-a-days! I’ve been making an effort to use the ones in  my collection that I’ve got a little batch of ones still to be tried and reviewed waiting. This week I decided to try out one of the ones which I picked up from my New York Trip. The Sephora sheet masks seem really popular and rarely do I see a Sephora haul (especially when people come from abroad to shop there) without a version of these masks included!


I’ve heard nothing but good things about these masks and restrained myself to just buying 3 incase I didn’t love them as much as everyone else, and if the rest are as good as this… I’ll be glad I bought just 3.


The Sephora Rose Mask is their hydrating and brightening mask from the line, and like all the others they are sheet masks. something which I love in theory but when I have them on they never seem to stay on my face, I don’t do very well at sitting still so maybe that’s why!


I was happy to find that the tissue or sheet was nice and wet, sometimes I find with these sheet masks that there doesn’t feel like there’s anything coating the tissue but this definitely did. It also wins plus points for not needing to wash off excess product at the end, instead just massaging it into the skin.


Where it falls down is that I saw no results from this at all, I left it on for a little longer than the 15  minutes it advises and I noticed no difference. My skin barely felt any softer (and certianly no more that virtually any other face mask delivers) and it looked no brighter either. I reserved judgement fully until the next morning and I still thought that there was no change.

I decided the next night to apply my Oz Naturals Moisturising Face Mask to see if my skin was just not sucking up hydration as that one has worked well for me in the past and on the surface provide very similar results. But that one I noticed results straight away, as well as the next morning my skin still feeling softer and looked better too. So Sephora’s just wasn’t cutting it – at least with my skin.

Fingers crossed the other two variants I picked up are better than this one, but I’d skip this personally. But if you have tried it and loved it, please do let me know in the comments!


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9 thoughts on “Face Mask Friday #16 – Sephora Rose Mask Review

  1. I’ve always wondered about the Sephora branded sheet masks. I’m firstly not enticed because they’re really pricey for what they are! I can get good sheet masks for $2 and they sell theirs for $8 each! How lame this didn’t do anything for you.

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